Big V B-D4 vs Perth FL Live Stream

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The Big V Premier B – Division 4 side will face Perth FL today from 3pm at Fremantle Oval.

You can catch all the action via Sportsedge with the live stream on the VAFA Facebook page HERE

See the final team below:

Josh Steadman (c) Univeristy Blacks Premier B
Nick Lewis Ajax Premier C
Jack Wallace Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Will Edwards (vc) Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Tate Short Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Nathan Jumeau Fitzroy Premier B
Jack Delbridge Kew Division 1
Thomas Warby Mazenod Premier C
Jono Simpson Old Geelong Premier B
Lachlan Treverton Old Haileybury Premier B
Lachlan Byrne-Jones Old Scotch Premier B
Will Mitchell Old Scotch Premier B
Charlie Cormack Old Scotch Premier B
Tom Kerr Old Scotch Premier B
James Sansom Old Scotch Premier B
Andrew Jelbart Old Scotch Premier B
Max Philpot PEGS Premier C
Will Harbinson Peninsula OB Division 1
Josh Cowan SBMT Premier B
Louis Vescio University Blacks Premier B
Kristian Height Whitefriars Division 2
Luke Barker (vc) Yarra Old Grammarians Division 2