Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When do New Player Registrations, Re-Registrations, Permits and Transfers Open and Close?

A: New Player Registrations – Open November 1 of the previous season

Re-Registrations – Open November 1 of the previous season

Player Transfers and Permits – Open November 1 to November 30 of the previous year and Re-Open February 1 to June 30 of current season.

Q2: When are fixtures released?

A: All Senior fixtures by the AGM in December of the previous year.

U19/Thirds/Club XVIII and Women’s fixtures are completed throughout March as teams are unable to confirm player numbers for team entry.

Q3: What if a player shows as ‘not primary’ when selecting to transfer?

A: Club Secretary needs to email [email protected] with the players full name and date of birth.

Q4: How do players register for the first time or re-register at a club?

A: Players go to and hovers their mouse over the club admin tab where a drop down box will appear. Player should select player registrations followed by the club they are registering for. Click the link and follow the steps to complete the process.

Q5: What if the players email is incorrect on their SportingPulse profile?

A: Club Secretary needs to search on their Club Database for the player using the search box on the top right hand corner. Once found and selected, on the players dashboard select edit contact details and click submit. To re-send the transfer email to the player, simply go to list online transfers, select the magnifying glass on the left hand side of the players name and re-submit the transfer.

Q1: What size football is the VAFA Women’s Competition using?

A: Size 4

Q2: When does the season start?

A: The Women’s season starts on the weekend of 8th April, 2017

Q3: Are the women covered by insurance?

A: The VAFA Women’s Competition players are covered under your club’s existing policy for no charge until renewal for the 2017 season.

Q4: What age must players be to play in the VAFA Women’s Competition?

A: Players must be 16 years old by 1st April in the season they wish to play.

Q5: When are the 2017 Women’s Competition fixtures going to be out?

A: Clubs have until March 10th, 2017, to enter a team in the Women’s competition. Provisional fixtures may be released before then if we are satisfied no more clubs wish enter the competition in 2017.

Q1: How much the affiliation fees are for year 2017 for all the categories?


Categories SEN & RES THIRDS U19(1) U19(2) U18( XVIII
Premier 14830.49 4586.62 5499.8 3952.43    
Premier B 14532.16 4586.62 5499.8 3952.43   4124.84
Premier C 12206.90 4586.62 5499.8 3952.43 2647.1  
Division 1 9991.73 4586.62       4124.84
Division 2 9566.78   5499.8     4124.84
Division 3 9395.47       2647.1 4124.84
Division 4 9010.45          
Club XVIII           4124.84


Q2: Are there any changes in the affiliation fees from previous year?

A: Yes, few changes have been made after discussing and deciding at the VAFA AGM this year. There is 3% increase in all fees from last year.

Q3: Are there any discounts given if the fees are paid by a certain date?

A: There is 3.5% discount given if the fees are/were paid by/before 31st December 2016.

Q4: If any club is unable to pay the fees in a one-off transaction, is there any instalment plan? If yes, what are the due dates to pay?

A: There is an alternative way to pay the affiliation fees in three equal instalments.

The due dates to pay those instalments are May 1st, June 1st and July 1st consecutively.

Q5: When are the activity statements sent to all the clubs?

A: The statements are issued in the first week of new month. Every monthly statement represents all the transactions witnessed from the first to last day of the previous month.