VAFA Integrity Investigation

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The VAFA is committed to preventing any matter that may undermine the integrity of the competition. In 2016, the VAFA established an independent Integrity Division to investigate alleged breaches of competition integrity.

Following a recent meeting of the Integrity Division, the VAFA and St Kevin’s Old Boys Football Club have been informed the Division has completed an investigation in regards to an alleged breach of amateur status.

The Division reports St Kevin’s Old Boys’ Football Club (SKOBFC) has satisfied the Division that on the evidence provided there is no breach of the VAFA rules, Amateur status, the Articles of Association or policies of the VAFA and there is no further action at this time.

The VAFA thanks the Integrity Division for the thoroughness and completeness of their work and the St Kevin’s Old Boys Football Club for their full co-operation in regard to this matter.

VAFA Board & Administration