The Premier B – Division 4 squad has been reduced to 33 ahead of Saturday’s clash against Perth FL.

The final team will be announced by VAFA Media on Wednesday night following the final training session at Elsternwick Park.

Player Club Section
N. Jumeau Fitzroy Premier B
J. Wallace Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
N. Baltas Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
T. Short Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
W. Edwards Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
J. Simson Old Geelong Premier B
S. Dixon Old Geelong Premier B
B. Steele Old Haileybury Premier B
L. Treverton Old Haileybury Premier B
A. Jelbart Old Scotch Premier B
C. Cormack Old Scotch Premier B
J. Sansom Old Scotch Premier B
L. Byrne-Jones Old Scotch Premier B
T. Kerr Old Scotch Premier B
W. Mitchell Old Scotch Premier B
J. Cowan St Bede’s / Mentone Tigers Premier B
J. Steadman University Blacks Premier B
L. Vescio University Blacks Premier B
N. Lewis AJAX Premier C
A. Kay Marcellin Premier C
T. Warby Mazenod Premier C
M. Philpott PEGS Premier C
J. Delbridge Kew Division 1
S. Glenn Peninsula OB Division 1
W. Harbinson Peninsula OB Division 1
M. Dolan St Mary’s Salesian Division 1
W. Mayne Ivanhoe Division 2
B. Jordan MHSOB Division 2
S. Kieseker Whitefriars Division 2
L. Barker Yarra Old Grammarians Division 2
K. Height Whitefriars Division 2
L. Barnes Aquinas Division 3
H. Coe St Francis Xavier Division 4