Bloods on the Run raises over 10k for MS research

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Nick Armistead

The Aquinas OCFC women’s team is looking to leave MS behind by raising funds for multiple sclerosis research as part of The May 50K.

Having only started their fundraiser a few short weeks ago with an initial target of $4000, the Bloods on the Run initiative has exploded and already raised over $10,000.

Event organiser, Ella Furniss, hopes the funds raised help to make the life of someone suffering from MS a little easier and to give them the same level of love felt by the women’s team throughout this process.

“I have watched loved ones become crippled by MS and I hated seeing someone so active and full of life become so immobile and dependent,” Furniss said.

“The donations are astounding. I’m just overwhelmed with the love; the love of our team, the love of the club, the love of our community and the love and generosity of people we know.”

While the purpose of the event is to support those suffering from MS, the process has also helped keep the women’s team together and engaged with one another during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

“It has brought us together and we’ve bonded over people we knew with MS, people we knew with other debilitating health issues,” Furniss said.

“I feel closer to some of those girls after not seeing them for three months than I do after playing with them for 3 years.”

You can find out more information about the Bloods on the Run initiative and follow the girls’ progress via this link: