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The VAFA Board met on Sunday for the Annual Board Seminar and as expected the Board ratified a submission from the Football Growth and Development Sub Commitee that Banyule, MHSOB, Monash Gryphons, and South Mornington will avoid relegation for the 2014 season despite each club finishing in the bottom two of their respective senior sections. 
The decision was made to maintain a competition balance through the sections below where departing club Werribee Districts would have been had they remained in the Association. 
Werribee’s decision to transfer from the VAFA to the Western Region Football League meant that each section from Premier C to Division 3 would have been short of one team. 
The decision is in line with the precedent set in 2012 when Rupertswood decided to leave the VAFA. 
The VAFA Board were delighted with the response of those clubs granted a second chance in their section in 2013. Monash Blues in particular made the most of that opportunity, managing to play finals and eventually finish fourth in Premier C.