‘Defib For Life’ message

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It was in early January when Sue Buckman (Defib For Life Director) was just about to finish up for the day, when she received a call from the Noble Park Football Social Club.

They had used their G3 Cardiac Science unit about an hour before on a 70-year-old male – a “Club Great”. There were several men involved in the rescue of their friend. One called 000, and the others located the defibrillator and applied it. The Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) shocked the patient once, and he then came to. When paramedics arrived at the Noble Park Football Social Club, the gentleman was awake and coherent.

His friends were understandably emotional, but we are sure they are proud that they were calm under pressure and that they knew where the defibrillator was located within the Club and were able to use it.

As people start to get back into a routine for 2019, whether that is back to work, or starting your weekly sport, or re-connecting with your social groups, look around you to see where your closest AED unit is located.

Defib For Life has managed to raise awareness of the effects of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in our society to tens of thousands of Australians, highlighting how easy it can be to make communities safer and rescue ready. We’re on a mission. We want no Australian to be more than 10 minutes away from Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).

Do you know where your AED is located and is it less than 10 minutes away from where you are located?

Please ensure:

  • Your club has a Defibrillator and that it is charged and ready should it be required
  • Do you & other club members know where the Defibrillator is located?
  • If your club does not have a Defibrillator please ensure your club makes it a priority to purchase one.