Peter is the current holder of the most games played by a VAFA player.  In total he notched up twenty seasons with OP’s starting with the U19’s in 1987. He was given the nickname of Plugger due to his fashion statement of sporting a mullet haircut, and no doubt his solid build, similar to that of AFL legend Tony Lockett.

It was almost like a magnet was pulling Peter towards OP’s goals as he gradually moved further up field as the seasons ticked by.  Starting on the backline, then to the mid-field, Peter found himself in front of goals. Only 178 centimetres tall he constantly took screamers over much taller opposition players.

Aged 40, and in his 400th game he booted nine majors in a game against Yarra Valley

Peter missed very few games over his time with the club – just sixteen ‘out injured’ over 428 games. He also celebrated another milestone by going on a total of twenty one end – of – season footy trips.

If you hoped to read yarns of footballers cutting slack, then sorry you’re out of luck as Peter is zipper mouthed about the escapades he and other team mates got up to on footy trips.

He loved his amateur days particularly the after match celebrations where he could re-live the highlights over a beer and a fag.  Some players are rewarded for their services to the club by anything from a pat on the back to an engraved trophy, in Peter’s case he was immortalised with a Bar in the club social rooms. Known far and wide as The Brabender Bar, the legend of Plugger lives on.

Despite his illustrious achievement` of playing 428 games, the chance of playing in a premiership side eluded Plugger.

Club Career- Old Paradians

  • 428 Games
  • Twenty season career with the OP’s starting in 1987
  • Started on the backline, then to mid-field, eventually ending up in front of the goals as a forward
  • 400th game booted nine majors in a game against Yarra Valley
  • A total of 16 games missed due to injury over 428 games
  • Premiership eluded Plugger despite a 428 game career