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And I may be wrong, but I don’t reckon the Tigers would have ever sung their club song down at De La. It’d be a major upset, it’d secure De La’s spot in A Grade and it would throw the make up of the four into the tizz, but I reckon it’s on – De La by five points.

The round one clash against Scotch was a debacle for Old Brighton. Perhaps they read my season preview and thought that Scotch would be a pushover! Fast forward three months and Scotch have played out of their skins and are chasing the double chance. And on paper, they’d be firm favourites but I just smell another upset here, giving that the Tonners will be fielding a pretty much full strength line up – Brighton by two points.

The Old Ivanhoe and Uni Blacks game has lost a bit of significance, given that the Hoers’ run for the finals has been rudely cut short. But the Blacks will have everything to play for. Unfortunately for them, their spearhead is in Beijing, supporting his partner’s bid for a Gold Medal haul. And therein lies their problem – Old Ivanhoe in an eight-goal canter.

Tricky little game for Collegians out at Bulleen. Old Trinity have pushed two very good sides in the last fortnight and always grow an extra leg at home. But in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a Lions spruiker and they should have the class edge here. Looking back at the last decade or so however, this is the sort of scenario where Trinity have pulled a rabbit out of the hat so you never quite know…

Uni Blues and Old Xaverians have played out some belters over the years, particularly in Parkville. It’s incredible how often their games go right down to the wire. Despite their position, I can’t see John Kanis and the Blues coasting tomorrow – indeed a win against Xavs would be a tonic in an otherwise topsy-turvy year. But despite that, and despite their stirring win in round one, it’s Xavs all the way for me – let’s tip ‘em by two goals and what the heck, let’s make ‘em the Lock Of The Week. Email [email protected] to get onboard and I’ll catch you in a fortnight!