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‘Statsy’ drops bomb from beyond the arc

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Ella 'Statsy' Stephenson or Steph Curry? Pre-season skills were on point as the ...read more

No. 1: Harry Dwyer (Aquinas)

Posted on - Aquinas OC, Featured Videos

 No. 1 | It took some grand final magic from Aquinas U19 VC Harry Dwyer to...read more

No. 2: Thomas Bowler (Hawthorn AFC)

Posted on - Hawthorn, Featured Videos

 No. 2 | A 67m ROOST from Hawthorn Amateur Football Club's Thomas Bowler h...read more

No. 3: Tom Jok (St Kevin’s OB)

Posted on - St Kevins OB, Featured Videos

 No. 3 | We're approaching the serious end of the countdown now with St. ...read more

No. 4: Courtney Hylton (Big V)

Posted on - Collegians, Featured Videos

 No. 4 | Courtney Hylton zigged & zagged his way to the 'Penola Sweet ...read more

No. 5: Taylor Hunt (Collegians)

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 NO. 5 | As we enter the top 5 of the MOST VIEWED highlights of 2018, we sta...read more

No. 6: Tom Cheshire (Fitzroy)

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 No. 6 | It's safe to say the Fitzroy Football Club faithful rallied behind ...read more

No. 7: Anthony Zimmerman (Old Brighton)

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 NO. 7 | Grill'd Rising Star winner Anthony Zimmerman was a deadset highligh...read more

No. 8: Eilish Boyd (Whitefriars)

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 No. 8 | More than 200 'likes', 21 shares, 62 comments & 7.3K views mean...read more

No. 9: Stephen Tahana (SBMT)

Posted on - St Bedes / Mentone Tigers, Featured Videos

 No. 9 | As we count down the Top 10 MOST VIEWED highlights of 2018, it is...read more