VAFA Media Days return this week

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The VAFA is set to hold its third annual media days this Thursday and Friday, with club representatives taking to T.H. King Oval for a range of photography, filming and interview activities.

The content created over the two days allows VAFA Media to promote its clubs and individual players throughout the 2018 season.

Several clubs have nominated their representatives for the two days; including Lachie Ferguson (Collegians), Tom Quinn (Uni Blues), Marc Lock and Morgy Mcqueen Miscamble (Old Carey), Adam McNeil (Hampton Rovers), Chelsea Fisher (Ajax), and Old Geelong brother-sister duo Ally and Matt Kirkwood.

The days have provided VAFA Media with some of its most popular content over the past two years such as one-on-one player interviews, the Big Q and the award-nominated lip sync battles.

VAFA Head of Media, Nick Armistead, said the two days bode as the largest program to date, with 25 new women’s clubs joining our Association this year.

“The attendance across the two days last year exceeded all expectations with clubs becoming increasingly more aware of the benefits the days offer,” he said.

“You can expect more player content than ever from the 2018 program, although I’m sure the boys will be disheartened with the news they won’t be asked to perform a lip sync battle this year.”

The men’s media day will run all day Thursday while the women are Friday.

For any further information on the media days and allotted times for each section, please email Nick at [email protected]