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The VAFA is launching a new live scores service in 2013 as we change partners and providers to Interact Sport. 

So what has changed? Not much, if anything there is a larger service available, with the ability now for clubs to do live scores of all other matches that your club plays! However to do this of course someone from your club must be entering the scores in!

Just follow the instructions below to be able to check the live scores of all VAFA senior matches on your phone. If you are online then you can alway come to and click on the link to Live Scores from the home page. 


Every Saturday, anyone with a smartphone will have the capability to access live scores from all thirty-six senior VAFA games.

The home timekeeper at each senior game will clock the game on an iPhone or iPad and update the scores as they happen. And whether you are at the game, at the races, in the garden, holidaying in Paris or working in London, you will always know the score.

Do you get annoyed when people call you to find out progress scores? That is a thing of the past. 

Tell them to do exactly as you are about to do . . .

1. Grab your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Samsung or other smartphone.

2. Tap the icon to enter your web browser.

3. Go this URL –

4. Follow the prompts to save and to add to homescreen.

6. Tap the logo and scroll down to to see the Live Scores every Saturday and Sunday of the season, updated as they happen.

You can also follow these scores from all 36 senior games live on 


What does the service cost? NOTHING, IT’S FREE 

Why is my club’s score not appearing? BECAUSE YOUR CLUB HAS NOT ARRANGED A TIMEKEEPER (OR PROXY) TO ‘SCORE’ THE GAME ON AN iPhone or iPad.