2016 road to glory starts here with Anytime Fitness Port Melbourne

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The road to 2016 premiership glory promises to be timely and arduous. The work required to achieve the feat is excessive but thanks to VAFA sponsor, Anytime Fitness Port Melbourne, we are able to provide a number of preseason exercises aimed at getting players into shape ahead of the season’s debut.

Released in November and December of 2015, here are episodes one to five of Pre-Season Player which are focused on getting you game ready on the back of the Christmas and New Years celebration period.

In episode one, Adam shows us two exercises which will help improve hip strength and stability and get you playing in a similar mould to AFL Brownlow medallist, Nat Fyfe.

In episode two, Anytime Fitness owner, Adam, takes us through three separate exercises aimed at helping improve upper body strength, power and speed during pre-season training.

In episode three, Adam shows Christian a multitude of options for increasing and improving leg power and strength, while expelling myths about some of your favourite #LegDay exercises.

In episode four of the Pre-Season Player series, Christian finds out how difficult it can be to master both the Swiss and Bosu balls, but learns how to improve his upper body power and speed to push himself up off the ground and throw himself back into the action like Cyril.

In episode five, Adam shows us different ways to test stability and balance, giving you a platform to improve upon throughout pre-season.