VAFA partners with Epworth Richmond

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The VAFA is excited to announce a new partnership with Epworth, Richmond. This partnership will ensure all VAFA players have the opportunity to receive the very best level of medical care in the event of injury.  

The Epworth emergency department is the newest emergency department in Victoria. The design is the result of combined experience from leading emergency physicians and best practice examples from the US and Europe. Epworth has the latest in medical technology and is ambulance ready. Importantly, the new emergency department has been designed to offer patients an unparalleled level of comfort and privacy.

Epworth’s experience treating Australian Rules football players is second to none and VAFA players will benefit from these enhancements plus receive:

  • Fast track priority treatment
  • Access to Epworth specialists of Australian Rules football injuries.
  • Full range of services, including diagnostics in one location.
  • Priority referrals to relevant specialists if necessary
  • Peace of mind that an injury will receive the best possible care.

“We are very excited about the partnership between Epworth and the VAFA,” Director of Emergency Medicine, Epworth Richmond, Dr Ron Sultana said.

“Everything in our new Emergency Department has been designed with the patient in mind, to achieve best possible outcomes, reduce wait and improve patient comfort. We look forward to providing our known sports medical expertise to any injured VAFA players.”

General Manager-Commercial at the VAFA, Blair O’Hara, said Epworth Richmond is geographically ideal for our Association as it sits in the middle of VAFA heartland surrounded by dozens of Clubs in close proximity.

“Epworth has an outstanding reputation in sports injury treatment at the elite level,” he said.

“Unfortunately, injuries are an inevitable part of playing football but when it does occur VAFA players will have the opportunity to seek out Melbourne’s best medical care. We believe this will be a long term partnership that our community will fully embrace.”

VAFA clubs will soon receive more information about the details of this terrific partnership to pass on to their medical staff and players.