Thick & Thin Mental Health First Aid Course returns for Round 2

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Thick & Thin will continue its push to normalise mental health concerns among young men when it conducts its second Mental Health First Aid Course on October 9.

Partnering with Mental Health Education Group and using funds raised from the inaugural Pie Night, T&T ran its first successful course last month with a number of VAFA members gaining knowledge and skills in the management of mental health issues among teammates and friends.

T&T ambassador and University Blues midfielder, Jeremy Mugavin, said the course is a fantastic initiative for players in the VAFA to get involved.

“There seems to be a real gap for people suffering from mental illness and actually seeking out help from a professional,” he said.

“This first aid course bridges that gap and equips people who have completed the course with the skills to manage someone’s emotions to eventually help them in the right direction.”

The MHFA course has been designed by Mental Health Education Group as a means to recognise signs and symptoms of mental health issues, and understand what to say and do which will ultimately educate teams, reduce stigma and promote positive behaviours.

Co-founder David Bastian said Mental Health Education Group “share the same beliefs relating to the importance of mental wellbeing and also of creating and raising awareness throughout the clubs and ultimately the league”.

“The Mental Health Education Group was founded as Damien (Villarosa) and I were both committed to increasing the mental health education and training, not only in sporting organisations, but at work and in the community.

“When we see the commitment to an initiative such as this we are more than happy to get involved and have delegates accredited in the Mental Health First Aid Course.”

The Mental Health Education Group facilitate face-to-face and blended online programs and can be contacted at [email protected]. Find them at or on Facebook.

For those looking to get involved with Thick & Thin’s Mental Health First Aid Course, please contact [email protected].

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