VAFA vs. Perth Football League; A brief history

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Standing proud as one of the oldest community football leagues in the country, the Victorian Amateur Football Association has donned the Big V, one of the most well-known sporting jumpers in Australia, since 1925. The Big V tradition, which was later adopted by an array of other Victorian sports, is underpinned by the VAFA and their endeavour to provide their players the chance to partake in representative football.

Meeting on home soil at Elsternwick Park, the VAFA look forward to welcoming their counterparts from the West on Saturday 15 July; the Perth Football League. Beginning in 1922, the PFL has grown from what started as a small six team competition to the largest single organised football league in WA. The PFL caters for players as young as 16 years to provide a quality high standard competition whilst accommodating considerable volunteer personnel and social supporters.

Though the VAFA has played against WA 29 times since their first meeting in 1936, the VAFA boasts an 86% winning record against WA. The last time these sides met in the Premier (Senior) section was in 2003, a day that well and truly belonged to the VAFA.

The VAFA will enter Saturday’s contest having won the previous four meetings against WA. The captain in the most recent meeting of these sides, Josh Steadman (University Blacks) has been named as the starting ruck on Saturday.

This will be the first time the VAFA Senior Women’s team will meet against the Perth Football League. The first bounce at 11:00 AM

Previous results:

2019 B-D4 Fremantle Oval 8.14.62 4.7.31 W
2018 B-D4 Trevor Barker Oval 9.6.60 6.8.44 W
2012 U23s Elsternwick Park 17.16.118 14.8.92 W
2009 U23s Fremantle Oval 8.11.59 8.12.60 L
2006 U23s Elsternwick Park 12.7.79 17.15.117 L
2005 U23s Elsternwick Park 10.12.72 6.12.48 W
2004 U23s Elsternwick Park 25.17.167 5.8.38 W
2003 SENIOR Subiaco Oval 27.14.176 0.3.3 W
2001 C-D4 Elsternwick Park 12.16.88 10.8.68 W
1994 SENIOR Elsternwick Park 18.21.129 7.10.52 W
1991 SENIOR Claremont 6.11.47 18.18.126 L
1988 SENIOR Launceston 11.14.80 7.5.47 W
1986 SENIOR Adelaide 28.13.181 7.19.61 W
1985 SENIOR Elsternwick Park 20.11.131* 15.12.102 L
1982 SENIOR Leederville Oval, Perth 15.14.104 14.15.99 W
1981 SENIOR Elsternwick Park 21.16.142 0.4.4 W
1980 SENIOR Subiaco Oval 14.18.102 16.19.115 L
1979 SENIOR Hobart 13.20.98 10.14.74 W
1976 SENIOR Adelaide 16.9.105 7.11.53 W
1973 SENIOR MCG 17.21.123 11.12.78 W
1970 SENIOR Perth Oval 11.12.78 5.10.40 W
1967 SENIOR York Park 17.19.121 4.10.34 W
1964 SENIOR Adelaide Oval 20.19.139 12.8.80 W
1962 SENIOR MCG 12.18.90 6.12.48 W
1959 SENIOR Subiaco Oval 16.13.109 8.12.60 W
1956 SENIOR TCA Ground 11.9.75 5.5.35 W
1953 SENIOR Adelaide 22.11.143 8.12.60 W
1948 SENIOR Subiaco Oval 11.14.80 11.12.78 W
1936 SENIOR Adelaide Oval 11.13.79 3.8.26 W

Tickets for the Double-Header and Official Match Day Function at Elsternwick Park are on sale now.