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In the words of North Old Boys Life Member and former player Phillip O’Dwyer; 
I am seeking the assistance of the club and the VAFA community to promote a fun run for Cystic Fibrosis (CF), which my 7 year old son Riley suffers from. CF is a genetic, incurable lung condition. The run will take place on Sunday 14th April at the Anglers Tavern (Maribyrnong).  I enclose a link which provides full details. The NOBs / St Pat’s  fraternity  have been great supporters of this event over the last few years. While I’ll be competing in the 8Km run, if I get enough support I’ll also compete in the 4Km.
Our team name is Riley Racing Group. You can sponsor through either Riley Racing Group or Phil O’Dwyer, links are below.
What does football mean to a 7 year old?
The below extract is from my son’s grade one writing book from last year.  The standard question every Monday morning the class is asked;
 What did you do on the weekend?
17th September 2012: “Yesterday I went to the football grand final.  The teams that where playing were North Old Boys / St Pats and the Pirates.  I went with my brother and my dad.  I got a picture with the cup”. 
Doesn’t matter whether you are 7 or 70, memories will last forever.
If you wish to contact Phil to discuss further, please feel free on 03 8654 1179 or 0409 540 012.
Please refer to this link to sponsor Phil.  All donations are tax deductible.  
Please refer to this link to participate in the run:–downloadable-version.pdf