O’Connor talks culture, relegation battles & GF Day

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Matt Dervan – Umpire Operations Manager

With the beginning of spring now upon us, we think about what would have been in 2020, as we enter the month of September, the greatest month on the football calendar, and reflect that VAFA finals football for our men’s competition was on the horizon. Whenever the VAFA community can gather again to celebrate football’s greatest month, we know everything will be right in the world again!

On behalf of the VAFA I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Head Field Umpire coach Tony Hales, on the passing of his father, Alan last Friday. We send our sympathies to Tony and all the Hales family and keep them in our thoughts during this time.

We were lucky enough to have current VAFA Field Umpire Tom O’Connor join MOJO News podcast “The Sporting Post” which is Monash University’s main journalism and media sport site to talk about all things VAFA umpiring.

Tom divulged into a range of topics including his career journey and what got him into umpiring and why he chose the VAFA as his home, and the different range of experiences and backgrounds umpires bring to VAFA footy, and the challenges and pressures umpires at all levels deal with. He speaks glowingly on the VAFA umpire coaching group and how they make the umpiring group better, whilst giving an insight into the community football club like culture and environment the VAFA setup brings. Finally he touches on what it’s like to be involved in promotion and relegation fixtures where there is a lot riding on the game for clubs and ultimately VAFA Grand Final day and the rewards umpires get for being involved in such prestigious games.

To check out Tom’s chat on The Sporting Post click the following link https://www.mojonews.com.au/sport/the-sporting-post