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Old Geelong, Old Eltham, Northern Blues, Richmond Central, Canterbury all progress into Preliminary Finals, whilst Emmaus St Leo’s will be the lucky losers in Division 3. 
Old Geelong started strongly and were never headed as they ran out 24 point winners over North Old Boys/St Patrick’s in the Division 1 1st Semi Final. Chapman may have booted five goals for NOBS but it wasn’t enough to see his side bounce straight back to Premier C. Old Geelong will now face a stung Therry Penola in the preliminary final next week. 
Old Geelong                             4.2,  6.8,  8.13,  12.19  (91)
NOBS/St Pats                            2.4,  4.6,  5.11,  9.13  (67)
GOALS, Old Geelong : T. Wigan 3, C. O’Brien 2, A. Bird 2, C. Wood 1, D. Andrew 1, A. Leahy 1, J. Hoevenaars 1, P. Tucker 1
NOBS/St Pats : M. Chapman 5, B. Hunt 1, B. Holland 1, M. Keown 1, C. Ryan 1
BEST, Old Geelong : J. Forster, J. Hoevenaars, H. McKay, D. Andrew, S. Hughes, R. Kemp
NOBS/St Pats : N. Holt, M. Chapman, P. Shepherd, A. Oakley, J. Nettlefold, D. Tonkin
In Division 2, Old Eltham won their first final since 2008 when they beat Old Paradians by 23 points in a low scoring affair at Highgate Reserve. Old Eltham were held goalless in the first term as were Paradians in the third, but it was both sides who blundered chances in the tough conditions. Old Paradians will look to build on their season with a renewed assault on Division 2 next year, whilst Old Eltham’s ambitions to earn promotion are alive for another week. However, the Turtles will have to get past Kew next weekend in a Preliminary final. 
Old Eltham Collegians                   0.3,  3.5,  6.11,  7.11  (53)
Old Paradians                           1.0,  2.4,  2.4,  3.12  (30)
GOALS, Old Eltham Collegians : S. Ciavola 2, N. Harper 2, B. Galvin 1, B. Switkowski 1, J. Hall 1
Old Paradians : J. Lidyard 1, A. Asdagi 1, J. Kandilakis 1
BEST, Old Eltham Collegians : N. Harper, A. Lendaro, B. Switkowski, C. Brown, M. Crooks, B. Galvin
Old Paradians : W. Jeffrey, D. Huntley, J. Kandilakis, C. Kandilakis, B. Moylan, M. Simpson
Division 3 saw Richmond Central upset Emmaus St Leos by 11 points to progress to a Preliminary Final meeting with Aquinas. The result means that the Animals will now face Northern Blues in the other preliminary final after Blues comfortably beat Albert Park by 67 points to end the Falcons season. It is the second time in two seasons of the top six where the top two sides from the home and away will meet each other in the Preliminary Final due to one of them becoming the lucky loser. Blues were well served with five goals from Beams and four from Holmes.
Richmond Central trailed by three goals at half time but an inspired third term saw them kick five goals to none and the Snakes were good enough to hold the Animals to just 2.5 in the final term whilst they kicked a goal themselves. 
Northern Blues                          7.3,  10.4,  21.7,  21.12  (138)
Albert Park                             2.3,  3.5,  5.7,  10.11  (71)
GOALS, Northern Blues : T. Beames 5, L. Holmes 4, C. Paterson 3, M. Cigagna 3, J. Warwick 2, L. McRedmond 2, J. Hull 1, D. Calcedo 1
Albert Park : J. Brick 3, D. Lyne 1, N. Sjostrom 1, H. Turner 1, T. Cattle 1, C. Blizzard 1,  J. Antenucci 1, S. Campbell 1 
BEST, Northern Blues : C. Beaty, A. Campbell, C. Paterson, J. Thompson, S. Towers, T. Vuwai
Albert Park : J. Brick, S. Campbell, R. Schneider, N. Cattle, C. Blizzard, J. Antenucci

Richmond Central                        2.3,  6.7,  11.15,  12.18  (90)
Emmaus St Leos                          2.5,  9.7,  9.8,  11.13  (79)
GOALS, Richmond Central : S. Bugeja 3, P. Holland 3, T. Thurwood 2, T. Baker 2, S. Demeo 1, K. Schoenmaekers 1 
Emmaus St Leos : D. Hill 4, B. Ellis 2, A. McDougall 1, P. Baranello 1, A. Smith 1, A. Ballard 1, C. Beluszar 1
BEST, Richmond Central : L. Carland, S. Bugeja, T. Baker, T. Thurwood, S. Ward, R. Costanzo
Emmaus St Leos : D. Hill, A. Ballard, L. Virgo, M. Lalor, T. Ahern, L. Glover
In Division 4, the Cobra fight saw Canterbury’s Cobras prove seven points too strong for Manningham’s Cobras in the first semi final at Garvey Oval. There was barely a kick in it all day as again the win wreaked havoc on both team’s ability to convert. In the end Canterbury had more chances and their seven extra scoring shots – all behinds – proved to be the difference. Canterbury will meet West Brunswick next week in a preliminary final that could see them earn promotion in their first year in the competition. 
Canterbury                              2.2,  4.7,  7.8,  10.14  (74)

Manningham Cobras                       0.2,  4.2,  7.4,  10.7  (67)

GOALS, Canterbury : T. Eckersley 3, A. Baker 2, B. Johnson 2, D. Gates 1, B. Hui 1, M. Peel 1

Manningham Cobras : M. Muller 5, S. Fisher 2, K. Hawker 1, A. Pianto 1, D. Wolfgramm 1

BEST, Canterbury : T. Eckersley, H. Giles, R. Walmsley, T. Nichols, B. Peel, N. Stogdale

Manningham Cobras : M. Muller, G. Murphy, A. Pianto, C. Terpsinis, T. Bell, P. Wood