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It has come to the attention of the VAFA on Thursday that an anomaly may have occurred in the voting of the VAFA U19 North Section Best and Fairest count. 
The VAFA has decided to withdraw all votes for the U19 North Best and Fairest count after it was realised a possible error in the assigning of votes in a particular match was discovered after Wednesday’s count. 
This possible error could effect the final placings of the medal so a decision was made to withdraw all votes for the section whilst the investigation is being undertaken. 
The formal investigation commenced immediately into voting for the U19 North Best and Fairest count by the VAFA Investigations Officer. 
The VAFA are extraordinarily upset that this potential issue has arisen, however we will ensure that all votes from this competition will be scrutinised individually.  
The VAFA apologises for this disruption and any anxiety this may cause to any of the individuals or their clubs.