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The VAFA would like to report that there has been a change to the scores from a Division 1 game on 7th July between Ormond and Old Mentonians. 
This week a video review was conducted of the Round 11 Division 1 senior game between Ormond and Old Mentonians and it was determined that the goal umpires’ scores were incorrect and the scores the clubs had were correct.
The scores will be as follows:
Ormond                                  2.2,  8.4,  9.6,  12.10  (82)
Old Mentonians                      3.6,  5.9,  9.13,  10.15  (75)
There was no change to the result as only the margin changed from a one point win to Ormond to a seven point win. 
VAFA General Manager for Football Operations, Tim Noonan contacted both clubs and they have accepted the change. 
The VAFA wishes both clubs all the best for the remainder of the season.