Retrospective: Round 9

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Geoff Reilley

10 YEARS AGO: 2010

In Division 2, St Mary’s Salesian won a thriller over Eltham and in doing so placed themselves in a stronger position and further from the relegation zone. It was so close all day and the final score in the Saints’ favour was 8.17 to 8.16. Best: Dwyer, Gatehouse, Williams, West, Oldfield, Rogers (StM) and Crooks, Richardson, Dillon, Hargrave, Ogilvie, Galvin (Eltham).

In Division 3 Elsternwick won an important game over Kew in a contest that went down to wire 12.13 to 11.10. Kew had led at each change and were disappointed at the end of the day, especially as they were definitely in the relegation zone. Best: Bedingfield (3), Mahony, Schroder, Smith, Convery, Patey (Elst) and Bagnall (4), Ross, Donaldson, Hale, McGrane, Cochrane (Kew).

15 YEARS AGO: 2005

In D2 Section, Old Geelong lost their first game for the season when they did not handle the trip to Williamstown as they would have liked, the CYMS winning comfortably 18.7 to 11.12 after overcoming a tardy start in the first term. Best: Grieve, Holland, M Cocks, Elias, Wheeler, Pach (WCYMS) and Vasey Vickers-Willis, Lansdell, Paul, Malpas (OG).

In D3 West Brunswick consolidated their place in the top four with a powerful display against Power House 20.14 to 9.7. The Westies were on song from the opening bounce. Best: Piestch, Sudholz, S Benjamin, Millard, Monagle (5), West (West Brunswick) and B White (3), S west, P Sosic, N Bishop, R Marshall (Power House).

In D4, after Hawthorn Amateurs defeated Bullen Cobras 19.14 to 13.15, there was only one game separating 2nd and 8th place. Best: L Collins, McKenna, Lauletta (5), Jackamos (3), D Pritchard, Hall (Hawthorn Amateurs) and Cookson, Trinchi, Mehrez, Conn, Mullinger, Dacey (Bulleen Cobras).

25 YEARS AGO: 1995

In E East Section, Yarra Valley Old Boys caused St Leos Wattle Park’s first defeat and both of these teams now shared the top position with 8 wins  from 9 played. It was mainly Yarra Valley’s straight shooting that won them the game, 11.6 to 5.12. Best: Ford, McLeod, Taylor, Fung, Smillie Downs (YV) and Lawlor, Meehan, McKenzie, Robinson, Van Den Akker (StLWP).

In E Central, Uni High School Old Boys (4th) were defeated by University Reds (3rd) in a very low scoring match, 4.3 to 4.10. UHSOB scored 4.3 in the first quarter and only scored another 5 behinds for the rest of the game. UHSOB retained their 4th place but their percentage was relatively poor, and the challenges were coming thick and fast. Best: Wallace, McLean, Rothwell, Major, Williams, Griffiths (UHSOB) and Jackson, Lukies, James, Rowland, Parnell, Goldstraw (Uni Reds).

In E South Section, St Pats Mentone (4th) recorded a very important win over second placed Salesians, 8.9 to 4.11, to hold their fourth position. Salesians led at half time, but St Pats mowed them down in the poor conditions with a terrific third term (5.1). Best: Whilley, Barry, M Sullivan, T Sullivan, Gurtler,  Vilic (St Pats) and Bobetic, Bourke, Amiet, Healey, Carlin, Sutherland (Salesians).

A Section Senior coaches were: Leigh Carlson (Collegians), Mike McArthur-Allen (De La Salle), Tony Cahill (North Old Boys), Mark Tymms (Old Melburnians), Wayne Harmes (Old Scotch), Alan Johnson (Old Trinity), Barry Richardson (Old Xaverians), Geoff Reilley (Ormond), Shane Zantuck (St Bernards), Grant Williams (Uni Blues).

Howard Turvey played his 300th game for Bulleen United and had been a convert to‘Aussie Rules’ from soccer having been born in London and only taking up our game as an adult. Howard was not a natural in terms of protecting himself in the rough and tumble of the Australian code: he had been knocked out a number of times, at training mostly. He had also been ‘cleaned up’, on foot, by a marauding Melbourne tram but claimed the distinction of breaking the tram’s headlight in the collision! Taking everything into consideration, it had been a terrific effort for Howard to total the magical 300.

35 YEARS AGO: 1985

A Section senior coaches were Mike Zemski (Bulleen Templestowe), Bruce Ferguson (Collegians), John Pollard (De La Salle), Alan Salter (Ivanhoe), Jim Durnan (North Old Boys), Trevor Read (Old Scotch), Jack Clarke (Old Xaverians), Mike McArthur-Allen (Ormond), Paul Daffey (St Bernards) and Robert Lamb (Uni Blues),

In B Section, Old Melburnians held on to second place when they defeated Uni Blacks 18.15 to 16.10. Best: Cordner, Morphet, G Pattinson, J Thompson, Dawson, Baglin (OM’s) and Alexander, Vaughan, O’Halloran, Doyle (5), B Pattinson, Harty (Uni Blacks).

In E Section Uni Reds put up a great effort given they were on the bottom of the ladder and playing top team Preston. Although the Reds trailed all day, they finished only 43 points shy, 17.7 to 22.20. Preston’s best were Johnstone, Robertson (7), Haysom, Bergin, Milner, Calcutt, Thompson. For the Reds, McGuinness (3), Forbes, De Thomas (6), Gay, Hutchins, Koop.

45 YEARS AGO: 1975

St Bernard’s justified their top position in A Section when they easily defeated North Old Boys kicking 11.5 to 2.2 in the last quarter to win 18.13 to 7.13. Best: M Mahoney, Wade, Drennan (StB) and S Maguire, Wilson, Curley (NOB).

Footscray Institute of Technology (F Section), recorded their first win. It was a ‘shock’ win over Bulleen United. Best: Godwin, Edwards, Hoyne (FIT) and R Divirgillio, Porter and Mayne (Bulleen United).

The only teams to yet win a game in senior football were Geelong (A Section) and St Kevin’s Old Boys (D Section).

150 games to John McNish (Hampton Rovers) and Les Goag (UHSOB) and both Godfrey Stevens and Alan Haug (Old Ivanhoe).

50 YEARS AGO: 1970

Coburg strengthened their top position in A Section with a powerful display against Monash University, 24.19 to 11.14. The Uni boys displayed plenty of spirit but were no match for the powerful Coburg team. It was a terrific last quarter of footy with 16 goals scored (10 by Coburg and 6 by Uni). Best: McFarlane (11), King (3), Seeth (3), Sullivan, L Beattie, N Beattie (Cob) and Watsford, Thomas, Peers (3), Lane, Cole, Halliday (Mon).

North Old Boys took a step closer to the top four in B Section and put 4 more points between their nearest challenger when they defeated Kew comprehensively 22.17 to 9.9. It was probably all over at quarter time with NOBS scoring 6.8 to 1.1. Best: Elliott, Fennelly (5), Murray (4), M Drew, S Maguire, Cheel (NOBS) and Cavanagh, Hiscock (5), Wilde, Smith, Mullin, Little (Kew).

60 YEARS AGO: 1960

B Section leaders, De La Salle, lost their second successive game when they went down to Hampton Rovers who scored after the final siren to snatch victory. The Rovers had been down by 6 goals at half time and their recovery was a very fine effort against tough opposition. Best: C Adamson, F Adamson, McDonald (Hampton Rovers) and Watts, Compton, Hannaberry (De La Salle).

100 games to Bernie Teague, De La Salle’s back pocket player. St Kilda CBC Old Boys farewelled three stalwarts, John Langley, Dennis O’Brien and Brian Sharkey, all leaving on a trip for Europe.

E Section captains were W Bennett (Collegians Gold), J McGregor (Elsternwick), L Dowling (Old Trinity), B Bentick (Old Carey), J Wiltshire (Old Camberwell).

100 games to Peter Whitfield, the fourth Whitfield to reach that milestone for Alphington. 100 also to Peter Laxton (Elsternwick) and Neil Lewthwaite (Ivanhoe).

70 YEARS AGO: 1950

Going for their 12th successive victory in A Section, Ormond stumbled at the hands of Old Scotch who out-marked, outpaced, and therefore outplayed the ladder leaders 9.13 to 8.12. Best: Geer, Bate, Morone (OS) and K Robinson, Rundle, Hardy (Orm).

One of those exceptional statistical events occurred when after 9 rounds, games won in B Section read 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Would University mathematicians work out the odds on such a result?

In B Section, Collegians inflicted the first defeat on Commonwealth Bank for the season, 10.18 to 8.13. Best Brian Judd, Warren Judd, Greg Buckeridge, David Kerr (Coll) and Ted Thomas, Alan Shiel, Ian Bailey and Alan Kirby (CB).

The team to represent Victoria  against the Canberra League was B: Bunting  (Old  Xavs), Thomas (Commonwealth Bank), Leason (State Savings Bank);  HB: Taylor (Old  Scotch),  Mick Dexter (Uni Blacks), W Judd (Collegians); C: Rogers (Kew), Adams (Alphington), Jolley (Uni Blues); HF: Holman (Ormond), Lamb (Geelong), Grainger (Old Melburnians); F: McLaughlin (Old Paradians), Smith (North Alphington), Dillon (Power House); Foll: Jackson (Brunswick), Robertson (Parkside); Ferguson (Coburg); Reserves: Hodgson (Ivanhoe), Aldridge (Murrumbeena), Gribble (MHSOB).

Undefeated leaders in each section were Ormond (A), Commonwealth Bank (B), Kew (C), East Malvern (D) and Ormond (Juniors).

Photo: Ormond 1950 Premiership Side