Retrospective: Week 20

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Learning about the history of the VAFA thanks to Holmesglen

Geoff Reilley

5 YEARS AGO – 2015

There were a number of retirements this weekend five years ago, led by Brunswick NOBS champion Matt Keown and Collegians quartet Shura Taft, Nick Ries, Charlie Holst, and James Jorgensen.

Matt Keown: “The scene 2007: Terry Scanlon steps down as President and by the end of the playing year decided he wants to coach, after a break of almost 35 years! An assistant coach is required. I said to Jack Nihill, “that young player who is training with us in the club 18’s, plays with Sandhurst, surely he must be getting tired of travelling home each weekend – he may be interested in taking up a position as a playing coach!” Jack says he’ll find out. The rest is history and what a great history it was. Being recognised as one of the most decorated players in NOBSP history (Debut: 2008 146 games – B&F 2010,11,12 &13 -VAFA B&F 2011 & 12 – VAFA Rep 2012 Captain 2012-15 – RU B&F 2009 & 14 – Leading Goal kicker 2013, 14, 15.). A testament to Matt Keown’s preparation and fitness and a great example to other players who have played with him over the past 8 years” – Bernard Skahill

Shura Taft, Nick Ries, Charlie Holst, and James Jorgensen: “I’ve never retired anyone, but the sight of Charlie Holst, Nick Ries, Shura Taft, and James Jorgensen walking off arm in arm was magnificent. Words fail me. Everyone that played in that game will remember that forever, and the young blokes who stood tall will be so much better for it. If only you could bottle that feeling!!! What a win, what a win!” – Wayne Dyer

10 YEARS AGO – 2010

It was preliminary final time in Division 1 and the game was played at St Bernards with a howling wind, mud and spasmodic rain, certainly not ideal conditions but it is a winter game! Monash Blues were up against North Old Boys/St Pats for the right to challenge Werribee. Monash had the better of the first quarter, leading 3.5 to zero at quarter time with most of the ascendancy obtained late in the quarter. When Monash kicked an early goal into the wind it didn’t look good for NOBS and it got worse in the third quarter with Monash in total control at the final break, 10.7 to 1.4. The last quarter commenced with the heavens opening up and although NOBS kicked the first goal, Monash cantered to the line 13.10 to 2.7. Best – Coe, McKenzie, Frater, Main, Collins, Young (Monash) and Harwood, Keown, Maxton, Hull, Layley, Hosking (NOBS).

In Division 2 Old Paradians were always in control against Glen Eira and won convincingly 10.15 to 7.6 for the right to challenge the powerful Banyule team in the Grand final. Best – Mahony, Spithill, Denham (4), Serafini, Kandilakis, McAllister (OP) and King, Mills, Elmi, Kohout, Krull, Tsirogiannis (GE).

It was a much closer prelim final in Division 3 with St Johns holding out the dogged Power House  12.18 to 11.11, Power House continually fighting back to stay in touch. St Johns were more polished although they did miss a number of opportunities to close the match earlier. Best – Arnold, Christiansen, Abela, Mara, O’Connor, Pickering (StJ) and Taylor (6), Baker, Burnside, Saraw, Beardell, Foster (PH).

In Division 4 the talented Mt Lilydale team thrashed Manningham Cobras 13.23 to 3.4 in the preliminary final and would meet Monash Gryphons in the Grand Final the following week. The Cobras had been forced to make no less than 7 changes for this match and were noticeably undermanned. While Mount Lilydale struggled to convert from their many chances, the Cobras had few chances in front of goal. Best – Coonan, McCallum, Daley, Paull (3), Wall, Finkmeyer (MtL) and De Vercelli, Orton, Bosso, Polites, Pentland, Arman (Cobras).

15 YEARS AGO – 2005

It was a huge day for both Beaumaris and Uni Blacks supporters in C Section as both clubs were competing in senior and reserves grand finals.  It was a tight, low scoring affair in the early game. Beaumaris led at every change winning the title 6.14 to 4.8 and their supporters felt their senior team could very well emulate their early performers. Although the early part of the main game did not go the Sharks’ way, big Matulick kicked a major on the quarter time siren to see his team trail by 2 goals. The margin had increased noticeably by half time and 4 and a half goals was the difference. The game went beyond doubt in the third quarter as the Blacks ran amuck with 7 goals to 2 and an almost impossible task ahead for the Sharks. Although the Sharks fought out the game as expected, the slick Blacks’ outfit recorded a stunning premiership win 20.12 to 8.5 Matt Kempton was awarded the Michael Ritterman Medal for best on ground.

In D1 Section Fitzroy demolished Ormond, 24.6 to 10.11 to win the premiership, the 8.2 to 1.5 in the first quarter unsettling Ormond, who never looked like making up the difference and would have to be satisfied with the promotion to C Section for the following season. Best – David, Cianchi (6), O’Reilly. Green, Galvin,  Zanos  (Fitzroy)  and  Metz,  Bailey,   D Robbins, Miller, Keleher, B Deledio (Ormond). Fitzroy’s Tim Davis won the John Manton Medal.

Old Geelong won both the D2 Section Senor and Reserves’ premierships on a great occasion for their supporters. Only 5 points up in the main game at three quarter time, OGs held their nerve to win 9.17 to 6.14. Best – Bell, Bayles, O’Brien (4), Vickers-Willis, Cannon, Lansdell (OG) and Burrows, Boxall, Collins, Plummer, West, McDonald (Rupertswood).

It was a St Johns’ double in D3 Section, the seniors winning 11.10 to Werribee 8.11, the reserves winning by 34 points. Best – Sinclair, Gaget, Pickering, O’Connor, Arnold, Skinner (St J) and Morrow, Tedesco, C Lee (4), Borg, Ayling, Vasilou (Werribee). Elsternwick won the D4 flag 16.11 to St Mary’s 15.13 in a very entertaining game. Best – Curtain, Beddingfield, C Mahony, Mason, Putt, Thiele (Elst) and C Armstrong, D’Astoli, Dwyer, Wright, Crilly (StM).

25 YEARS AGO – 1995

St Leos Wattle Park went into the E East Grand Final firm favourites against Aquinas who had battled their way through the first semi and prelim for the right to challenge for the title. St Leos’ day started   so well with the Reserves winning comfortably over Old Carey 18.5 to 13.14, St Leo’s accuracy pivotal to the result. After Aquinas started well in the first quarter of the main game with 4 goals to 1 a pattern had been set for the day with each team putting together a pattern of unanswered goals throughout the match. By three quarter time   it looked as though there would be a ‘boilover’, Aquinas holding a 3-goal lead and although there appeared to be no real wind effect, the grandstand end at Camberwell seemed to be easier to convert. Both teams had excellent goal scoring ability and the final term became an outstanding presentation of amateur football. Paul Kelly goaled for St Leos within the first minute, Brendan Vaughan 3 minutes later and Paul Kelly twice more to take his tally to   six for the day. When Brendan Vaughan kicked his 5th at the 17 minute mark the Two Blues were 22 points up, but then it became Aquinas’ turn with Anthony Whelan recording his third for the match and Jason Livingston unleashing as the  Bloods  kicked four more to be a point up at the 30 minute mark. For the next 3 minutes it was ball up after ball up, deep in the St Leos forward zone as both teams threw themselves relentlessly into the fray. During the 33rd minute of this wonderful contest, Martin Shacklock somehow let fly with his left boot from deep in the pocket to score a behind and level the scores, followed by the siren for an exhilarating draw. The clubs would be required to return to the field of battle the following week! Best – Armstrong, Kelly (6), Ronchi, Douglass, McKenzie, Corrigan (St Leos) and J Livingstone (7), Flynn, Vankerhoven, Kenny, Honey, Morice (Aquinas).

35 YEARS AGO – 1985

Old Trinity won the D Section Grand Final defeating MHSOB 21.17 to 12.4.  Best –  Pontefrack,  Norman, R Heath, Robison, Allibon (3), Maizels (OT) and Dowling, Todd, Peterson, McLardie, Phelps, Wix (MHSOB).

The E Section Grand Final was a triumph for Heatherton who powered home to win 16.19 to Preston’s 6.11. Best – A Coffey, Howell, M Easy, Jones, Ulbrick, Hopkins (Heatherton) and Caton, I De Bono, Yendall, Haysom, Milner, Prowse (Prest).

The popular Ian Munro, affectionately known as “Munners”, was named VAFA Personality of the Year. Previous winners in attendance during the announcement were George McTaggart, Peter Hutchinson, and Peter Harris.

45 YEARS AGO – 1975

In the C Section Grand Final, StKilda CBC  was winners over MHSOB 13.12 to 11.12. Best – Rothwell, Carroll, Drinan, Hinrichs, Sherman, Kellaway (CBC) and R Wood, Cooper, Short, Graham, Haylock, C McKenzie (MHSOB).

D Section premiers were Fawkner 16.18 over Hampton Rovers 15.11 in a high standard game. Best – Smith, Foley, Stapleton (3), Duggan, K Ward (3), Richardson (Fawkner) and Young, Leeming, McNaughton, Rowston, Bennett, Malone (H Rovers).

55 YEARS AGO – 1965

University Blacks won the A Section second semi-final 23.12 over Collegians 5.7. It had been a magnificent display by the powerful Blacks’ team. Best – Burston, Galbraith, Browne (7), Tuck (3), Fleming, Carbery (UB) and Symons, Ferguson, Daff, Lucas, Read, Evans (Coll).

Caulfield Grammarians won the B Section second semi-final after being 7 points down at half time, but Old Scotch could not maintain their lead with the final score in favour of the Grammarians 15.9 to 10.13. Best – Williams, Ward (4), Cayzer, Davidson (5), T Tootell, Caspers (Caulf) and Atkinson, Hay, Hughes, Birch, Campbell, I Wilson (Scotch).

St Pats Old Collegians won a hard-fought preliminary final against AJAX in E Section after being down by 15 points at three quarter time. Their 7-goal final quarter was very impressive. Final score 14.13 to 13.7. Best – Seaburgh (4), Sullivan (3), Chaplin, Fry, P O’Brien, Basham (StP) and Fein, Freeman, Synman, Merkel, Goldfarb (5), Goldwasser (AJAX).

65 YEARS AGO – 1955

Ormond supporters were delighted when both their seniors and Under 19’s won their second semi-finals. The seniors defeated Uni Blues 11.10 to 5.9 and the Under 19’s defeated Old Scotch 6.9 to 2.5. Don Louttit, Ormond Junior’s star spearhead kicked the 2 goals needed for his century. Ormond Junior coach, Jack Wilson, was to be congratulated for the manner in which he had moulded the youngsters at Ormond.

Best and Fairest winners were T Hussey (Bellfield) in D Section, A C Dick (National Bank) in E Section and D Pollock (Bellfield) in Junior Section.  Glenhuntly’s Bill McGrory, second in the D Section voting, had won the medal twice previously!