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The VAFA Board met yesterday for the annual Board Seminar and the Board is pleased to confirm the below dates for the 2014 season. The season will commence on Saturday 5th April 2014 with all sections except Premier to commence the race to the 2014 premiership on this weekend. 
The success of having a stand alone Premier Grand Final has been taken into account with Premier Section to commence a week later on 12th April. Premier will only have one week before the Easter weekend break before returning for round 2 (ANZAC Round) on Saturday 26th. 
The Queen’s Birthday bye weekend will see all sections have a break on 7th June which falls just after Round 7 in Premier and Round 8 in all other sections. The AAFC Carnival for State under 23 teams will be played over this weekend in Tasmania from 5th-9th June. The senior VAFA team will also play this weekend in Melbourne against AFL Sydney. 
There will be the traditional mid year bye on 12th July for all sections allowing representative football to be played against AFL Victoria Country by both an U19 and the Premier B- Division 4 representative sides. This break falls just after the Round 11/12 weekend. 
The Club XVIII finals series will commence on 9th August with the Grand Final to be played on Sunday 24th August. 
The finals series for all sections except Premier will commence on the weekend of 30/31 August with the Premier Section finals to commence a week later. 
The stand alone Premier Grand Final will be on Saturday 20th September. 
The VAFA is about to commence work on the fixture for each of the sections with fixtures for the seven senior sections to be released close to the Annual General Meeting scheduled for the first Monday in December. All other fixtures will be available prior to the 2014 season once final confirmation on the number of teams has been confirmed.