Sports Performance Tracking, Sponsors

Before the SPT GPS system was built, it was very hard for amateur athletes to measure exact performance on the field. This kind of technology was available on an elite level, but hadn’t yet filtered down to the grass roots of sport. All this changed in 2015 when Sports Performance Track (SPT) founder, William Strange, developed a web-based device that could be worn in every league. Finally, players from all stages of competition had access to a platform that could monitor, track and manage physical output.

Thanks to a team of scientists, athletes and software developers, SPT have been able to achieve products that serve the specific needs of outdoor contact sports, at an affordable price. The tools have been simplified so that coaches and individuals can easily understand speed, intensity, injury prevention, and training load, amongst a list of other pivotal performance indicators.

Today, over 100 countries in all 7 continents are taking advantage of the data to help them play smarter. SPT’s metrics have been used to assist schools, health professionals, local rugby associations, and even the Spanish Football League. With a scope to expand even further, SPT strives to be the leader in wearable sporting technology and teach their wider communities to train with facts and analytics in mind, in the same way that the pros do.

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