The final round in Division 2

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Anna Pavlou

Bulleen Templestowe vs Whitefriars

This game is a big decider for Bulleen as they fight to stay alive in the race for finals. Whitefriars love a good challenge, and believe Bulleen are one of the better competitors of Division 2, so this one could be a high-scoring shoot out. Bulleen’s shock loss last week has shaken the side up, so they’ll be looking to at least soften the blow if they are to lose to Whitefriars. The Friars would love to go undefeated in the 2019 home & away season, but they’ll need to get past a hungry Bulleen who are devastated after losing a key game that would’ve set their top-four finish in stone. Bulleen have really improved their ball movement and almost mirror a quick moving Friars game, which will test the ladder-leaders early.

Watch for a great midfield battle, led by David Dakin and his Bullants, as they will charge hard to apply scoreboard pressure and stop the Friars fast movement early. If Bulleen can condense the Friars multi-faceted forward line early, they may be in with a chance. But, the Friars are in the best form ever going into the finals and will not lose this one.

Hawthorn vs Glen Eira

What a way to end the 2019 home & away season, with Hawthorn taking on Glen Eira in the second 2018 Division 3 Grand Final rematch. With mixed results last week, both teams won’t shy away from this contest to finish the home & away season. Glen Eira have been getting stronger as the weeks roll on, which is perfect in time for September, but they may choose to rest some guys for the finals fight. Hawthorn, however, are fighting for their Division 2 season, so they’ll put in everything they’ve got to apply immense scoreboard pressure and boot some goals for themselves. At the Hawks nest, they’ll be more comfortable on their smaller ground to kick some bags, which will come in handy as they try to take down the Gryphons. However, the Gryphons have been massive in front of goal and will like the condensed size to kick-away to victory. Watch for Gryphon Julia Waras-Carstensen, who will look to take out the goal kicking award for the year.

Ivanhoe vs MHSOB

MHSOB need to take the four points this week to push for fourth spot, especially after results fell their way last week with Bulleen’s shock loss. MHSOB pick up the extra bye four points, so will need to add another win and percentage to have a chance at the premiership cup. They’ll get a real chance against a deflated Ivanhoe side, who have struggled across the ground, especially in front of goal, over the past few weeks. MHSOB will be fresh off the bye withe everything to play for, so they’ll field their best side in order to get the win. Ivanhoe have struggled with injuries this year, but their young boys have been impressive for their handful of wins. Don’t be surprised if their young guys work hard again to knock Melbourne High off their feet early. The pace of the Hoers midfield was actually a worry for the Unicorns early this year, so watch for some quick movement and contested ball work. However, the MHSOB have their whole season to play for – coming back from a depleted list and little depth to now push for a shot at the Division 2 flag. It’ll be MHSOB’s day if they start early and apply scoreboard pressure to shut down the Hoers’ young brigade.

Power House vs Yarra Old Grammarians

Power House will need just one win now to secure their Division 2 survival while Yarra Old Grammarians are pushing for a slim finals chance. Yarra will take last weeks’ win and keep their finals hopes alive as they push for that special fourth spot next week. They’ll need a big percentage boost now and have a real chance against Power House. However, the House were relatively competitive against a top side in Glen Eira last week, only losing the second half by a combined 12 points. Last time these sides met, The House were close until a last quarter blow out, but with fitness improvements and a lot of the line, they’ll be bursting through the middle for four quarters. Yarra are known for their strong work and wing use, so they’ll try at tire the House as quickly as possible. This game will be a clash of styles, but the game will be wide open if the House can get some ruck taps to advantage and blow the game open from the middle. However, history shows that Yarra can outclass.