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How big is the VAFA network exactly?

This is one of many questions the VAFA are seeking the answers to this month as we launch the official VAFA census.


We are seeking your support to complete the census. It will take 5 minutes, on average.

The census has a big ambition and that is to map out the VAFA community in full.

We all know we are a big community network with estimates anywhere from 30,000 to 150,000 in aggregate across all clubs.

We want to put some accurate data behind these anecdotes and then find out who exactly does our community consist of?

We hope to answer things like:

  • Who is the VAFA community?
  • What are the family lineages that span generations through our clubs?
  • Would past players like to reconnect with your past clubs?
  • How do you engage VAFA media?
  • What is the health & well-being issues in our community?


What are the lifestyle trends shaping our community now and into the future?

There are loads of questions that this collective data will provide the answers to.

We want EVERYONE to complete the census, so we can answer:  Who is the VAFA?

All answers will be compiled for a general nature and not reused or shared with third parties.

The census statistics will inform the strategic planning and development of the VAFA, benefiting all VAFA clubs and participants.

The census will produce a wide range of statistical information to help us understand the VAFA community like never before.

To provide some extra incentive to complete the census, the following list of prizes to be randomly awarded to all those that enter:

  • Samsonite 55cm Lite-Shock Luggage – valued at $580
  • 2 Tickets – William Buck VAFA Finals Corporate Lunch – $320
  • One of 3 X-Blades ‘Jet’ Football Boots, valued at $200
  • One of 3 new VAFA KB Red Sherrin – valued at $150
  • One of 5 High Sierra Laptop Backpacks – valued at $100 each
  • One of 12 bottles of Tahbilk Shiraz (must be over 18).
  • One of 25 Grill’d Free Burger vouchers – valued at $15
  • One of 30 Tickets to the William Buck Premier Men’s Grand Final (September 16th)


The official draw will take place on Monday, September 10 and winners notified & published in the Amateur Footballer Grand Final edition, Thursday September 13.

We look forward to reporting back in near future with a clearer picture of the VAFA community in its entirety.