VAFA matches abandoned due to lightning

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The VAFA can confirm three senior matches were abandoned on Saturday afternoon when lightning strikes from inclement weather conditions were considered a risk to player safety.

Beaumaris vs Old Melburnians, Old Brighton vs Peninsula and Point Cook vs UHS-VU did not play the full four quarters as umpires deemed the risk to player safety too high.

General Manager of Football Operations and Umpiring, Brian Goodman, said results of those matches had not yet been confirmed as all information is currently being collated regarding the state and time of the game when play was officially abandoned.

“In accordance with article 62 of the VAFA Rules, the Football Growth and Integrity sub-committee will collect and discuss all relevant information and thereby make a recommendation to the Board regarding the results of each abandoned match.”

“We are currently processing all 140 games to confirm the state of play at the end of each, and dealing with clubs and umpires to ensure a decision is made based on all relevant facts and information.”

Monash Blues vs Ajax was suspended for a short time but play resumed with three minutes remaining.

Article 62: In the event of a match being abandoned by the Field Umpire the Board shall decide whether any premiership points should be awarded to the participating teams and the manner of allocation of any points so awarded and may impose such penalty on either participating team as it considers appropriate having regard to the circumstances of the abandonment.