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The VAFA is delighted to announce that in 2013, radio station 1116 SEN will again be our commercial radio partners. 
Last year the VAFA ran weekly ads on SEN to promote our finals series, however this year our partnership has increased to mean that more VAFA content will be on SEN throughout the season. 
We are delighted to announce that the VAFA’s General Manager of Media and Communications, Andrew Leonard, will regularly appear as a guest on Mark Fine and Paul Daffey’s Bush and the Burbs segment (Thursdays 9-10pm). You can listen to the first edition of this from last night’s show below.
The VAFA will also have audio grabs about the competition played throughout the season, so make sure you listen out for these. 
Visitors to the website will have noticed the 1116 SEN Listen Live link where you can live stream SEN whilst looking at SEN is now also the proud partner of the VAFA Premiership Ladders. 
The partnership is one that both SEN and the VAFA are proud of and are looking forward to the relationship continuing to develop through the 2013 season.