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Clubs can now have access to the required forms to sign up new recruits ahead of the 2014 season. 
At the bottom of this article see attached the 2014 Registration Form as well as the 2014 Authorised Signatures form. 
Club Secretaries can also find these forms under the menu item Club Info > Forms. To download them, just click on the link of the form you require. 
It was confirmed at last Wednesday’s Secretaries Meeting held at Elsternwick Park that all players wishing to play in the VAFA in 2014 will be required to register via Footy Web on FoxSportsPulse. This mandate includes all players who played in the VAFA in 2013 who will all need to re-register in order to play in 2014.  
This is due to the new privacy and spam act and is a legal requirement. 
The requirement is for each individual to register themselves as the are legal ramifications should a player be registered without their knowledge. 
The process to re-register should take a player no longer than a couple of minutes. 
Players can find direct links to their club’s registration form here. 
Alternatively players can find the links under the menu item Club Info > Current Player Re-Registrations.