VAFA SockIt2MND in 2019

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The VAFA will SockIt2MND again in 2019 by partaking in the dedicated round on June 15 (Round 9).

As Australia’s leading independent MND organisation, FightMND are fighting to find effective treatments and a cure for Motor Neurone Disease, or as founder Neale Daniher calls it ‘The Beast’. MND is a ‘Beast’ that claims the lives of two Australian’s every day.

It takes people to fight MND, and through initiatives such as the Big Freeze and now Sockit2MND, our support will allow FightMND to continue the funding of critical research of the debilitating disease.

Our support for FightMND goes towards research including clinical trials, which allows researchers to develop ways to slow or prevent the progression of MND and ultimately find a cure.

We encourage all clubs to take part in this fantastic initiative by purchasing SockIt2MND socks ahead of the March 10 deadline. Please contact Alisha Min at [email protected] if clubs wish to take part.