VAFA Women’s Player Survey

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The VAFA recently conducted a Women’s Football Player Survey with more than 650 players who were registered in 2019.

The results were overwhelming positive, with most respondents believing playing football in the VAFA is welcoming, inclusive, fun, and enjoyable.

88% agreed the current length of quarters (20 minutes with no time on) is right while the same number would recommend VAFA football to their friends.

61% believe there is too much on-field congestion and the 14-game home and away fixture was split with 50% wanting additional matches and the other 50% believing 14 is the right number.

When asked for three reasons why they started playing football, a large majority answered for physical health/fitness (83%) and for enjoyment (68%). Other popular reasons included the chance to a be a part of a welcoming and inclusive environment (42%), and to socialise with friends (40%). Only 18% joined in the search for on-field success.