Women’s Player Survey

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Football Operations Team

The VAFA women’s football player survey, which was distributed to all registered female players from the 2019 season, has now closed.

The survey aimed to gather perspectives and views on all things women’s football to understand what is currently working and what could be improved.

Pleasingly, the survey had a response rate of 20% with a large majority of respondents believing the VAFA and its clubs provide a fun, enjoyable, welcoming and inclusive environment.

88% of respondents believed the current length of quarters (20 minutes with no time on) was the right length, while the number of home and away matches (14) was split with 48% considering it too few.

The players noted that further improvements need to be made in regards to umpiring, on-field congestion, injury prevention and the overall championing of women’s football in the VAFA.

A more detailed summary of the key findings will be made publicly available shortly, and the VAFA women’s football advisory group will discuss how best to address the feedback we have received.

VAFA Football Operations Policies

The VAFA Football Operations team has been busy reviewing and updating the football operations policies.

The policies are now available to view and download through the ‘Rules & Policies’ section of the VAFA Portal.