2019 Division 2 Men’s Team of the Year

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FB Rory Chipman (YOG) Jed Carey (Brunswick) James Fleming (YOG)
HB Mitch Wilson (MHSOB) Toby McMurgan (WF) Tom Boots (Haw)
C Nick Burgin (Brunswick) Kristian Height (WF) – C Viv Blackmore-Moore (Ivan)
HF Jack Cowell (BT) – VC Sam Kieseker (WF) Chris Ford (Brunswick)
FF Dom Sullivan (Brunswick) Julius Waras-Carstensen (GE) James Connellan (WF)
RUCK Marlon Simbolon (WF) Billy Wilson (BT) Angus Hands (WF)
I/C Brad Jordan (MHSOB) Justin Raiti (Haw) Tim Strickland (MHSOB)
Ben Circosta (PH)
COACH Kristian Height (WF)

It’s a Whitefriars whitewash in this year’s Division 2 Team of the Year with six players selected on the back of their undefeated season.

Captain/coach Kristian Height has added to his Fullerton Medal with both roles in this team, while Bulleen Templestowe star Jack Cowell was named vice-captain.

Fellow grand finalist Brunswick NOBS boasts four representatives while MHSOB have three. The top five goal kickers have all been named; including, Julius Waras Carstensen, Dom Sullivan, James Connellan, Sam Kieseker and Cowell.

The selection process for all sections changed this year with coaches given the opportunity to nominate their own players for consideration while also choosing players from opposition teams. This, in conjunction with VAFA Media nominations, formed a more rounded selection committee.