2022 Coach Accreditation

The accreditation process for coaches will follow the same process as recent years. As of January 1, all coaches with an existing accreditation will be able to login to their CoachAFL account to renew their coaching accreditation. When logging in from January 1, coaches will be prompted to complete the following:

  1. Complete their Coaching Profile and update their Coaching Role in order to register to their club/s
  2. Agree to the Coaches Code of Conduct
  3. Complete the ‘Coaching Better at Training’ online renewal module

Attached is a one page guide that provides the accreditation renewal process for new coaches, coaches with an expired accreditation and coaches that still have a year remaining on their accreditation from our previous accreditation model.

For more information, visit: coach.afl/how-join

Download Coaches Code of Conduct