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JN WOODROW Medal Winners – Premier

GT MOORE Medal Winners – Premier B

L ZACHARIAH Medal Winners – Premier C

LS PEPPER Medal Winners – Division 1

J FULLERTON Medal Winners – Division 2

PETER HUTCHINSON Medal Winners – Division 3

OJ MEEHAN Medal Winners – Division 4

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Junior Best & Fairests

C.R. Newbury Medal Winners – U19 Premier

G.W. McTaggart Medal Winners – U19 Division 1

I.A. Brown Medal Winners – U19 Division 2

H. Harisiou Medal Winners – U19 Division 3

John Robinson Medal Winners – U19 Division 4

VAFA Medal Winners – U19 Section 5 (formerly U18 / VAFA Colts)

U19 Medals for Red and Blue Sections 1996-2006

Premier (formally A Section)

Six individuals have ten times been leading goal kicker in Premier or A Section kicking more than 100 goals in the season. The most goals kicked in a single season was 220 in 1934 by Old Scotch’s William Pearson who kicked a century six times in total. The last person to kick more than 100 goals in a season in the top section was Peter Karvelis from University Blues in 1980. View the leading goal kickers in Premier Section.

Premier B (formally B Section)

On six occasions have players kicked more than 100 goals in a Premier B season. The best effort was by F.W.S. Law from the ES & A Bank Football Club in 1934. The last person to kick more than 100 goals was Steve Curtain from Old Xaverians in 1980. View the leading goal kickers for Premier B.

Premier C (formally C Section)

Premier C has 12 times had players kick a century of goals to win the leading goal kicker award. The most  recent was in 1998 when Old Mentonian’s Adam Acreman managed to kick exactly 100. The best haul in a season was in 1935 when Ivanhoe’s R Smith kicked 123. View the list of leading goalkickers in Premier C.

Division 1 (formally D Section)

Since 1932, 12 times has the leading goalkicker in Division 1 reached a century of  goals with the best haul of 137 being returned by R Dowsing of South Camberwell in 1937. The last person to kick more than 100 goals was Julian Kirzner from AJAX in 2003 when he finished on 106 for the year. View the list of leading goalkickers in Division 1.

Division 2 (formally E Section)

The last person to kick more than 100 goals was Michael Vickers-Willis from Old Geelong in 2003. In 15 seasons of Division 2, there have been players who have won the goal kicker award with more than a century of goals next to their name.

View the list of Division 2 leading goal kickers.

Division 3 (formerly F Section)

In 2012, Ashleigh Close from Ivanhoe was the fourth player to complete a century in the home and away season to win the leading goal kicker award for Division 3. View the list of Division 3 leading goal kickers.

Division 4

Before Westbourne Grammarians’ Dale Collins kicked 108 in 2015, the last person to kick more than 100 goals was Ben Spencer from St Francis Xavier in 2011 when he finished on 107 for the year. View the list of Division 4 leading goal kickers.


View the list of VAFA Women’s leading goal kickers.


Five times have players kicked more than 100 goals to win the goal kicking award in the VAFA Under 19s Premier Section. The most was 120 in 1991 by R.G.J. Makinson of De La Salle O.C. Blue and the same number was achieved three years later by D.S. Arnott of Collegians. There have been other century goalkickers at other under age sections, view the list of leading goal kickers at U19 level.

The VAFA Rising Star has been awarded since 2004 to the best young player under 21 playing in their first full season in the VAFA.

View the full list of winners of the award. 

Only a select few players manage to play 300 games in the VAFA. To be eligible for membership a player must have played a combined 300 senior, under 19s or representative matches in the VAFA.

See the full list here.

The VAFA Club Championship has been award since 1986 as a means to reward the top performing club during the home and away season. See the list of previous winners here. 

The Certificate of Merit Awards are handed out at the VAFA Season Launch each year to club and association volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty year after year. See the full list of winners here