VAFA Coach of the Year Winners

* Didn’t win the premiership

The VAFA Senior Coach of the Year has been awarded since 1992 to the coach adjudged the competition’s best throughout any of the seven senior sections. In 2016, the VAFA broke up the sections and awarded both a Premier and Divisions Coach of the Year.

Year Name Club Section
2022 Anthony Lynch St Kevin’s OB Premier
2021 No awards due to COVID-19
2020 No awards due to COVID-19
2019 Mat Montebello (Premier) Williamstown CYMS Premier C
2019 Ash Naulty (Divisions) Aquinas OCFC Division 3
2018 Nick Bourke (Premier)* Old Geelong Premier C
2018 Brendan Payne (Divisions) UHS-VU Division 2
2017 Greg Hutchison (Premier) Old Brighton Premier B
2017 Dane Pound (Divisions) PEGS Division 1
2016 Nathan Brown (Premier)* Old Melburnians William Buck Premier
2016 George Wakim (Divisions) Preston Bullants Division 2
2015 Angus Hamilton West Brunswick Division 3
2014 George Wakim Northern Blues Division 3
2013 Ian Aitken Kew Division 3
2012 Mark Hibbins & Simon Arnott Collegians Premier
2010 Trevor Rowe Old Carey Premier B
2009 David Gately Oakleigh* Premier C
2008 Luke Beveridge St Bedes/Mentone Tigers A
2007 Luke Beveridge St Bedes/Mentone Tigers B
2004 John Kanis University Blues A
2003 Graham Burgen Fitzroy Reds* Division 2
2002 Tim Kilworth Yarra Valley OB Division 2
2001 Garry Foulds St Bernard’s A
2000 Tim O’Shaughnessy Old Xaverians A
1999 Tim O’Shaughnessy Old Xaverians A
1998 Tony Paatsch Marcellin B
1997 Nick Bourke Old Xaverians A
1996 Mark Flack St Leos Emmaus Wattle Park* D
1995 Kevin McLean Old Ivanhoe C
1994 Leigh Carlson Collegians A
1993 Bernie Dunn De La Salle A

The VAFA Women’s Coach of the Year was first awarded in 2017 with Marcellin’s Tom Stafford taking inaugural honours.

Year Name Club Section
2022 Jess Burger Kew Premier
2021 No awards due to COVID-19
2020 No awards due to COVID-19
2019 Michael Wines (Premier) Yarra Old Grammarians Premier C
2019 Gareth Henderson (Divisions) Therry Penola Division 2
2018 Damian Sutherland St Mary’s Salesian Premier B Blue
2017 Tom Stafford Marcellin William Buck Premier
Year Name Club Section
2020 No awards due to COVID-19
2019 Mark Gnatt Old Scotch U19 Premier
2018 Craig Glennie Aquinas U19 Section 5
2017 Paul Deegan Mazenod U19 Section 4
2016 Tom Purcell & James Kennedy St Kevin’s U19 Premier
2015 Marcus Butera UHS-VU U18/Colts
2014 Rocky Iannello St Bernards U19 Premier
2013 Steve D’Andrea St Bedes/Mentone Tigers U19 Premier
2012 Michael Brown De La Salle U19 Premier
2011 Tom Maule Old Xaverians U19 Premier
2010 Jon Edgar De La Salle U19 Premier
2009 Anthony Quon Hampton Rovers U19
2004 Tom Bell Fitzroy Reds
2003 David Law St Bernards
2002 Michael Sigalas Old Camberwell
2001 Shane O’Connor Mentone AFC
2000 Paul O’Shannessy St Kevins OB
1999 Pat Hawkins Old Xaverians
1998 Pat Hawkins Old Xaverians
1997 Brian Bourke St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
1996 Owen Hourigan St Kevins OB
1995 Steven Carroll University Blues
1994 Neville James Collegians
1993 Steven Carroll University Blues
1992 John Simpson Banyule U19s