FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME | Hosts Joe Pignataro and Brian Waldron take an in-depth look each week at the VAFA, featuring interviews, analysis, humour, tips for the weekend’s game and so much more.

VAFA WOMEN’S PODCAST | Dedicated to VAFA Women’s footy. Every week, Lucy Watkin and a rotating panel of VAFA experts will dissect, discuss and analyse the week that’s been in the VAFA Women’s Competition. Hear interviews from your favourite players and coaches. Tune in for your favourite pump up pre-game songs, warm-up routines and plenty more.

MATCH OF THE DAY RECAP | The William Buck Premier match of the day each Saturday is broadcast through RSN Carnival. Joe Pignataro kicks off the day with the Saturday warm-up, interviews with the coaches in the build up to the game plus all the highlights from the game.

CLUBS IN FOCUS | Joe Pignataro and Nick Armistead zero in on the clubs that make up the VAFA. Looking back on the history, the champions, what makes the club tick and the stories over the years that have become club folklore.

PLAYER & COACH INTERVIEWS | Catch up with the interviews from VAFA players and coaches that you may have missed from over the journey.