Big V Club Big V jumper plain big

The Big V Club celebrates those players good enough to have worn the famous Big V jumper in representative matches for the VAFA. The club has it’s origins from 1925 when the first VAFA Big V side played against the South Australian Amateur Football League at the MCG to commence a tradition of representative football for the VAFA. All former players of the Big V are automatic members of the Big V Club, which has assembled every year since 2007 at the Big V Club Lunch at Melbourne’s RACV Club.

Each year the Big V Club inducts former players to become Champions of the Big V, whilst a select few are elevated to become Legends of the Big V.

You can view the honour board of the Big V Club below.

Big V Legends

Year Name Club
2007 Bruce Bourne Ormond
2007 John Fisher Kew
2007 Robert Fuller Old Scotch
2007 Geoff Hibbins Collegians
2007 Shane Murphy De La Salle & Kew FC
2007 Jock Nelson MHSOB
2007 Jim Peters University Blacks
2008 Paul Considine North Old Boys
2008 Manson Russel Old Scotch
2009 Simon Costello University Blacks
2013 Ian Cordner University Blacks & Old Melburnians
2015 Rohan Brown Old Melburnians
2018 David Hughes Old Scotch
2022 Bruno Conti North Old Boys
2023 Joe Kelly Big V Coach


Big V Champions

Year Player Club
2008 Rick Brockwell West Brunswick & Banyule
2008 Ian Cordner University Blacks & Old Melburnians
2008 Phil Kingston Ormond
2008 Rowan Brown Old Melburnians
2008 Peter Hutchinson Power House
2009 Tony Fellows Thomastown
2009 Leigh Grant Power House
2009 Ken Jorgensen Commonwealth Bank & VAFAUA
2009 Phil McLaughlin Old Paradians
2009 Greg Wade St Bernards
2010 Norm Beattie Coburb
2010 Brett Connell Ormond
2010 Ian Galbraith University Blacks
2010 Ian Turnbull MHSOB
2011 Sam Birtles Hampton Rovers
2011 Brian Goodman VAFAUA
2011 David Hughes Old Scotch
2011 Peter Slattery Old Xaverians
2012 Doug Arnold Hampton Rovers
2012 John Jones Marcellin OC
2012 Shane Maguire North Old Boys
2013 John Anderson Old Scotch
2013 Bruno Conti North Old Boys
2014 Duncan Anderson University Blues
2014 Michael Blood Old Xaverians
2014 Andrew Ramsden Old Trinity
2015 Nick Burne University Blacks & Old Xaverians
2015 Robert Gross Marcellin & St Kevin’s
2016 Michael Deveson De La Salle
2016 Peter Sherwen Old Scotch
2017 Nick Bourke Old Xaverians
2017 Russell Barnes Ormond
2018 Wayne Carey St Bernard’s
2018 Brian Bourke De La Salle
2019 Simon Lethlean Old Xaverians
2019 Bryce Thomas Old Melburnians
2019 Michael Yeo Old Carey & University Blues
2022 Rick Pisarski Old Melburnians
2022 Tim Sutcliffe VAFAUA
2023 Mark Brady Old Scotch & St Kevin’s
2023 John Griffiths Caulfield Grammarians & Monash Blues