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The VAFA is looking for amateur football followers to fill a handful of remaining positions for our 2012 Ambassador program and to create a pool of candidates available for appointment to this role as future vacancies arise from time to time.
VAFA Ambassadors are volunteers who act as a conduit between Clubs and the Board, and their role is designed to enhance our coverage of games across the breadth of our competition to show a VAFA presence and interest on match days.  
The people we seek have a strong interest and familiarity with VAFA football, an understanding of the issues encountered with running a  club, and the capacity to interact on a personal level with key senior club officials.  You may be a former club administrator, coach, umpire, you may have played VAFA representative football in your time, or you may simply be a long-time lover of VAFA football.
If you have a soft-spot for VAFA football and would like to help our competition in a role that gets you out to local footy matches about 6 times a year (more if you wish) mixing with dedicated club officials then this role is for you.
Expressions of interest should be directed to Michael Sholly at VAFA headquarters (9537 6777) or to [email protected]