Asha aces the boundary

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A third-generation umpire, Asha Hinton has become a lead figure in VAFA umpiring thanks to her skills on the boundary and her active community involvement. Since being awarded the VAFAUA Best First Year Umpire in 2013, she has taken on a leadership role within VAFA umpiring through coaching and the VAFA Women’s Umpiring Academy.

Why did you get involved in umpiring?

My dad was a field umpire at the VAFA and I used to attend VAFA training even before I umpired here. I started boundary umpiring at the SMJFL and I got to umpire with my Dad. I also started to get some extra pocket money whilst doing something I love!

What do you do outside of umpiring?

Outside of umpiring I nanny and babysit children as well as coach gymnastics. I have also finished my Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education so will be a Kinder or Primary school teacher soon.

Why should young girls and women get involved in umpiring?

Whenever I tell people I boundary umpire footy for the VAFA, they are so impressed and always ask so many questions. I think being a female umpire at the VAFA actually educates others that girls play an important role in football at all levels. I love the VAFA and have always felt really welcome. There are a growing number of girls getting involved and I can’t wait to see more!

What makes the umpiring experience so great?

Umpiring empowers you. I gain a sense of leadership when I’m boundary umpiring, and I feel a part of a team. I love knowing that I’m a part of the game.

What makes the VAFA such a great place to umpire and why should aspiring umpires come here?

As a third-generation VAFA umpire, my family and I feel a strong connection to the VAFA. Umpires should come to the VAFA because there are so many opportunities, not only in umpiring but also coaching and mentoring. Everyone can achieve something at the VAFA.

Who are the role models in your life? Do you have any in umpiring?

One of the mums I nanny for is my role model right now. She has been through a lot with her health all through her life and manages to find positivity in everything. I really do look up to her in regard to her healthy choices and the way she teaches her three-year-old son to be healthy too. I hope I can carry myself through life as well as she does! As for umpiring, I don’t have one role model, but I use my umpiring friends to encourage me to reach my fitness goals.

What is it about the VAFA environment both at training and match day that makes the experience worth it?

There is a real sense of friendship at training and everyone is constantly laughing at everyone’s jokes, it’s a very fun place to be! Game day is so special and there’s honestly nothing like it. I love the feeling.

Why should you join the VAFA Women’s Umpiring Academy?

You should join the academy to gain friendships and meet new people who have all experienced something different in their personal and umpiring lives. We also have catch ups and eat delicious food!

If you’re interested in joining the Women’s Umpiring Academy, please contact Matt Dervan via [email protected]