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You may or may not know this already, but the great game of Australian Rules football has been played in Europe for almost two decades now and best of all, it is all played at an amateur level. 
AFL Europe are the governing body of Australian football in Europe and they oversee 18 different national leagues across Europe. Australian football in Europe comprises of local national leagues, cup competition, internationals between neighbouring countries and a continental championship held every few years. The matches and seasons are played at the same time as our competition with the European winter preventing many countries from playing due to snow and ice. 
The task of spreading Australian rules to the uninitiated is a massive one and whilst many of the local leagues and clubs were founded and are run by expat Australians, the development and growth of these entities via local support has been phenomenal. 
As we are all too aware, clubs need players first and formost but they also need a uniform to play in and footballs to play with. 
AFL Europe is on the lookout for any VAFA clubs that would like to become affiliated with one of the many European clubs. The aim is for VAFA clubs to send any jumpers, or footballs that are no longer required to a European club looking to start out. The reward is that your VAFA club could have its own brother club on the other side of the world wearing your club colours when playing against other clubs in Europe. 
If your club has any spare jumpers then please get in contact with the VAFA by email ([email protected]) with details on what you would be willing to send and we will arrange delivery of these to Europe and help build the relationship between your club and a European Australian rules club.
Many of you might have felt the pain of losing players to a year overseas, but this is also a chance for your players to play for your brother club in Europe whilst on their travels. 
Hopefully many of our clubs will support this initiative by AFL Europe as we look to build the relationship of VAFA clubs and AFL Europe clubs for years to come. 
You can read more about AFL Europe through their website or via their Facebook page.