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VAFA President Bruno Conti announced today that Bulleen Templestowe legend Dean Matthews has been appointed as senior coach for the Premier C-Div 4 team.  
“With the promotion of Simon Lethlean to senior Big V coach, we were lucky to have someone of Dean’s calibre available and keen to step up,” Conti said.  

“Dean had a magnificent career. Nearly 300 games with Bulleen-Temp and nine times a Big V player, on top of a short stint with St. Kilda.  

“Dean understands the VAFA competition really well and is a team builder,” Conti said.  

Matthews, known to many clubs throughout the VAFA because of his work with Boag’s, is looking forward to the challenge.  

“Our commitment for 2012 is in the pre-season, with a game against the EFL’s Div 3- Div 4 team. Having recently seen a number of our boys come together in Ireland, and in the not too distant in the past played with and against quite a few more stars, I know there is some excellent talent in the VAFA’s lower sections,” Matthews said.  

“We will be making some announcements on assistant coaches and selectors soon and we will name a squad before Christmas for the 1 April clash.  

“We are keen to win and give the VAFA a great start to the big day. I know our boys would love to pull on the Big V, whether it’s for the first time or the tenth,” he said.