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Andrew Leonard

Kylie da Fonte, club Secretary at Melbourne High School Old Boys is a football tragic and it’s all positive according to Kylie, “Footy is a funny game really regardless of what involvement you have or whether you are male or female, however the bottom line is we all just love the game or we wouldn’t be involved, regardless of how happy or grumpy we might get.”
From her first attendance at a Swans game with her father at the age of six Kylie has been following the game ever since. 
Her involvement in the Amateurs was preceded by time in the SFL performing all the selfless but necessary tasks that thousands of volunteers perform every Saturday like timekeeping, running water, working in the canteen and when finally old enough at 18 became a trainer. 
An ill-fated time as a goal umpire – she lasted until quarter time before being replaced – was the beginning of her time at MHSOBs.   
Kylie progressed to trainer of the Club XVIII side and the junior side and is now on a continuous run of 15 years service at the club. 
There are only four roles that Kylie has not fulfilled at the club, President, Treasurer, Field Umpire and of course a player!
Kylie has also been involved in VAFA representative football as a trainer since 2003, “It’s my  favourite part of the season most years, second to MHS being in finals which doesn’t happen too often”.
When Kylie is not at MHSOBs there are other football jobs; she has run the Melbourne Unicorns Auskick Clinic for the past 12 years, is in her second year of being a District Auskick Manager in the southern region and on every second Sunday, is trainer for the Bayside Saints Supers, Legends & Masters Footy Side. 
Kylie is a passionate Hawthorn supporter but rarely gets to games due to her football commitments. 
To help get an understanding of just how devoted Kylie is to her football here is a list of her average Saturday in her own words:
  • Pick up bread rolls from bakery & chickens, salads etc. from supermarket. 
  • Arrive at MHS approx. 8.30am and set up for Auskick and hope the players arrive to help with Auskick!
  • Run the Auskick Session
  • Pack up Auskick
  • Head to canteen to make rolls to sell, make sure canteen is under control
  • After rolls if we have a lunch I head up to set up the function room and make sure all is ready to go with help from the fantastic ladies we have around the club
  • Meet and Greet luncheon guests
  • Sneak in lunch!  Might even get to see a ¼ of the reserves if lucky.
  • Pack up luncheon and get ready for afternoon tea
  • Race downstairs to enter Reserves scores on computer
  • Check canteen is going ok
  • Race back upstairs to set up and host afternoon tea, again with help from the fantastic ladies we have around the club (they make amazing scones & other baked goods!!!)
  • Pack up afternoon tea.
  • Watch the last ¼ of footy for the day
  • Get paperwork together ready to enter scores etc… on computer
  • Help clean up rooms
  • Head upstairs for a well-deserved drink!
Kylie is involved with almost every age level; the only area of the game she is not involved with is women’s footy. 
Kylie derives enormous satisfaction from football at all levels, “I love footy and being involved in any way possible, it’s great to meet so many different people over the seasons albeit sometimes you only see them twice a year.”
One of those people that are indispensible to clubs, we are happy to acknowledge Kylie here at the VAFA for Women’s Round. 
The final words I will leave to Kylie, “The VAFA is a great community and I’m proud to be just one of the many women involved.”