Reserve Grade Premiers

See the winners of each reserve competition in each section. The Reserve Section premiership cups are as follows:

Premier: N.C. Rundle (1985)

Premier B: J.F.X. Dillon (1985)

Premier C:  A.J. Keam (1985)

Year Premier Premier B Premier C Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
2019 Old Xaverians Old Scotch Williamstown CYMS Kew FC Whitefriars Emmaus St Leo’s South Melbourne Districts
2018 Old Melburnians Beaumaris Fitzroy Ormond Whitefriars Hawthorn AFC North Brunswick
2017 Old Xaverians Old Brighton Caulfield Gr. Ormond Prahran Assumption UHS-VU Aquinas
2016 University Blues Beaumaris Williamstown CYMS St Mary’s Salesian MHSOB Swinburne University Westbourne Grammarians
2015 Old Xaverians Old Melburnians PEGS Ormond Ivanhoe West Brunswick Canterbury
2014 University Blacks University Blues Parkdale Vultures Prahran Assumption St Mary’s Salesian Richmond Central Hawthorn
2013 Old Xaverians Old Melburnians Marcellin O.C. Old Geelong Therry Penola Kew Eley Park
2012 De La Salle O.C. University Blacks Fitzroy Old Geelong Bulleen-Templestowe Yarra Valley Swinburne University
2011 De La Salle O.C. Old Brighton Gr. AJAX Banyule Therry Penola UHS-VU South Mornington
2010 Uni Blues University Blacks Caulfield Grammarians NOB/St Pats Banyule UHS-VU Monash Gryphons
2009 Old Xaverians Old Melburnians Mazenod NOB/St Pats Williamstown CYMS Bentleigh La Trobe Uni
2008 Uni Blues Old Essendon Ormond NOB/St Pats Werribee Williamstown CYMS Kew
2007 Old Xaverians St Kevins Ormond Old Geelong Werribee Swinburne Uni Eltham
2006 Old Xaverians University Blacks St Bedes Mentone Tigers Old Mentonians La Trobe University Kew Powerhouse
2005 Old Scotch Collegians De La Salle O.C. Beaumaris Fitzroy Reds Old Geelong^ St Johns Eltham
2004 University Blues St Kevins Hampton Rovers University Blacks La Trobe University Rupertswood Old Westbourne
2003 St Bernards Old Brighton Gr. Collegians A.J.A.X. Peninsula O.B.^ Werribee Amateurs North Brunswick
2002 Old Xaverians Old Paradians Caulfield Grammarians Monash Blues Yarra Valley St Johns Albert Park
2001 Old Xaverians Old Haileybury Collegians Old Camberwell Parkside South Melb. Districts Syndal Tally Ho
2000 Old Xaverians Old Brighton Gr. Therry Penola Caulfield Gr. University Blacks Williamstown CYMS St. Marys
1999 University Blues Old Brighton Gr. Therry Penola A.J.A.X. Geographic split 1995-1999. See table below. Eltham
1998 Old Xaverians Ormond St. Bedes Mentone Tigers A.J.A.X. West Brunswick
1997 Old Xaverians Old Brighton Gr. St. Bedes Mentone Tigers Old Geelong
1996 University Blues Old Brighton Gr. Marcellin O.C. Monash Blues
1995 Old Xaverians Old Paradians Monash Blues University Blacks
1994 North Old Boys University Blues M.H.S.O.B. University Blacks Aquinas O.C. Oakleigh University Reds
1993 Old Scotch Collegians Old Melburnians M.H.S.O.B. University Blacks Old Camberwell Gr. La Trobe University Balwyn Combined
1992 Collegians Old Brighton Gr. University Blacks Mazenod O.C. Glenhuntly* St. Patrick’s Mentone
1991 De La Salle O.C. Old Paradians St. Kilda C.B.O.C. M.H.S.O.B. Mazenod O.C. U.H.S.O.B.
1990 De La Salle O.C. Bulleen-Templestowe Thomastown M.H.S.O.B. Old Geelong U.H.S.O.B.
1989 Ormond De La Salle O.C. Old Haileyburians Whitefriars O.C. West Brunswick Mazenod O.C.
1988 Ormond Kew Banyule State Bank Old Geelong Doveton S.J.O.C.
1987 De La Salle O.C. Ivanhoe Kew Preston M.B.O.B. Old Essendon Gr. Whitefriars O.C.
1986 Ormond Old Paradians Banyule Preston M.B.O.B. Brunswick Old Essendon Gr.
1985 Ormond Old Paradians Therry C.C.O.B. Old Mentonians Preston M.B.O.B. U.H.S.O.B.
1984 Ormond University Blacks Hampton Rovers Therry C.C.O.B. U.H.S.O.B. Preston M.B.O.B.
1983 North Old Boys St. Bernard’s O.C. St. Kilda C.B.O.C. Therry C.C.O.B. Thomastown La Trobe University
1982 Ormond Bulleen-Templestowe Coburg St. Bedes O.C. Thomastown Brunswick
1981 De La Salle O.C. Collegians Bulleen-Templestowe Coburg Old Mentonians Banyule
1980 De La Salle O.C. Old Scotch Collegians Geelong St. Bedes O.C. North Brunswick Therry C.C.O.B.
1979 Ormond Parkside Hampton Rovers Bulleen-Templestowe North Brunswick St. Pius
1978 Ormond Monash Blues Old Brighton Gr. Power House St. Bedes O.C. Bulleen United
1977 North Old Boys Ivanhoe Parkside State Bank Heatherton St. Bedes O.C.
1976 Coburg Ivanhoe Fawkner Old Brighton Gr. St. Kevin’s O.B. St. Bedes O.C.
1975 St. Bernard’s O.C. Ivanhoe Parkside Fawkner Elsternwick Heatherton
1974 Reservoir O.B. Monash Blues St. Kilda C.B.O.C. Hampton Rovers A.N.Z. Bank Old Mentonians
1973 Ormond Old Scotch Collegians Old Haileyburians Hampton Rovers Old Ivanhoe Gr. Fawkner
1972 Monash Blues University Blacks Reservoir O.B. Parkside Old Ivanhoe Gr. Monash Whites
1971 St. Bernard’s O.C. University Blacks St. Kilda C.B.O.C. Parkside A.J.A.X. Old Mentonians
1970 Ormond University Blacks Old Carey Gr. St. Kevin’s O.B. Elsternwick
1969 University Blacks Old Scotch Collegians Hampton Rovers Old Trinity Gr. A.N.Z. Bank
1968 Old Paradians Ormond Hampton Rovers Old Haileyburians Old Trinity Gr.
1967 Old Scotch Collegians Ormond Monash University Hampton Rovers Old Trinity Gr.
1966 Old Xaverians Ormond North Melbourne C.B.C.O.B. Old Geelong Gr. Glenhuntly
1965 University Blacks Ormond Hampton Rovers North Melbourne C.B.C.O.B. ES & A

E Sections 1995-1999

Year Section Division 2 (E Section)
1999 Blue St. Johns O.C.
1999 White University Blacks
1998 Blue Old Camberwell Gr.
1998 White Kew
1997 East Old Carey
1997 Central University Blacks
1997 South Southbank (CBA)
1996 East Aquinas O.C.
1996 Central University Blacks
1996 South Peninsula O.B.
1995 East St. Leo’s Wattle Park
1995 Central Old Essendon
1995 South Salesian O.C.

Reserve Sections 1960-64

Season Section Winner
1964 RES 1 Old Xaverians
1964 RES 2 Old Scotch Collegians
1964 RES 3 Foots TCOB
1963 RES 1 Old Paradians
1963 RES 2 Kew
1963 RES 3 UHSOB
1963 RES 4 St Bernard’s
1962 RES SW De La Salle O.C.
1962 RES SE Ormond
1962 RES NW Ivanhoe
1961 RESERVES N Old Scotch Collegians
1961 RESERVES S Ormond
1961 RES CHAMP Old Scotch Collegians
1960 RESERVES Old Melburnians