Kristan to take Whitefriars to new Heights in 2018

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Whitefriars FC is pleased to announce that Kristan Height has accepted the position as Senior Coach for the club for 2018 with the intention to lead the club for at least three years. Kristan is the Learning Leader of Science and Technologies at the college and has been involved in the ACC school football program for several years. He holds an AFL Level 2 coaching accreditation, has coached the Whitefriars 1st XVIII for many years and has been an elite player in the VFL, EFL and country football.

The appointment assists in delivering on one of the club’s key strategies, to enhance its bonds with the college. Kristan provides a critical link between Friars past and present to deliver on that strategy. This is a strategic opportunity for the club to grow our capability and strengthen our long-term bond with the college and the college community.

Outgoing coach Dean Thorn has served the club with distinction since beginning as Under 19 coach in 2011, and has performed the role as senior coach admirably in 2017.  As a club, we hold Dean in high regard, his work and efforts have been exemplary, he is and will always be a great Whitefriars person and we hope to see him back at the football club in the future.

Plans are already underway for the 2018 season and Kristan will present these, and meet all who want to be involved, at the ‘2018 Information & Planning Night’ on Wednesday 6th September at 7pm in the Whitefriars Social Club rooms. All players, partners, families and loyal supporters are invited to attend this evening.

Kristan “is excited about being given the opportunity to work with a talented group of footballers and has always hoped, and envisaged, himself pulling on a ‘Friars’ jumper with some of the boys he has worked with over the years at Whitefriars College in the ACC football program”. He further added that his coaching philosophy is about “player development through educational processes and relationships”. The most important aspect of his coaching will be “to provide an enjoyable and safe environment where learning occurs and that each individual in feels valued in order to achieve club success”.

We look forward to a new beginning for the Mighty Friars in 2018.

Go Friars,

  • Sal Ciardulli – Whitefriars OCFC President