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A volunteer, a business owner, a family man and a lover of all things amateur football, in a sit down interview with VAFA TV, new VAFA President Michael Hazell touches on what it means to be President and is expansive on all elements of the role he has taken on. 
Mr Hazell has been on the VAFA Board for a number of years before being elected as President at the 2012 AGM, but does highlight the differences in being a Board Member to being the President of the Board and Association. 
Mr Hazell is a former premiership player at Salesian Old Boys, Old Melburnians and St Bedes / Mentone Tigers and he talks about having an equal focus on the Division clubs as on the Premier clubs of the competition. 
Recent media reports about the WRFL proposing to encourage current VAFA clubs based in the west to make the transfer of competitions are also addressed in the wide ranging interview. 
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