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Old Xaverians take on De La Salle next Sunday in the Premier Preliminary Final, a game sure to drag a massive crowd to Sportscover.  Old Haileybury and Uni Blacks bid for Premier and a grand final berth in Premier B on Saturday.
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Premier Preliminary Sun 2:10:00 OLD XAVERIANS DE LA SALLE Sportscover Arena
Premier Reserve Preliminary Sun 11:50:00 UNI BLUES OLD MELBURNIANS Sportscover Arena
Premier Thirds Preliminary Sun 9:30:00 DE LA SALLE OLD MELBURNIANS Sportscover Arena
Premier B Preliminary Sat 2:10:00 OLD HAILEYBURY UNI BLACKS Sportscover Arena
Premier B Reserve Preliminary Sat 11:50:00 UNI BLACKS ST KEVINS Sportscover Arena
Premier B Thirds Preliminary Sat 9:30:00 ST KEVINS UNI BLACKS Sportscover Arena
Premier C Grand Final Sun 2:15:00 CAULFIELD GRAMMARIANS BEAUMARIS Trevor Barker Oval
Premier C Reserve Grand Final Sun 11:55:00 CAULFIELD GRAMMARIANS ORMOND Trevor Barker Oval
Division 1 Grand Final Sat 2:15:00 WERRIBEE MONASH BLUES St Bernards College
Division 1 Reserve Grand Final Sat 11:55:00 MONASH BLUES NORTH OLD BOYS/ST PATS St Bernards College
Division 2 Grand Final Sun 2:15:00 BANYULE OLD PARADIANS Highgate Reserve
Division 2 Reserve Grand Final Sun 11:55:00 BANYULE BENTLEIGH Highgate Reserve
Division 3 Grand Final Sun 2:00:00 LA TROBE UNI ST JOHNS Vermont Reserve
Division 3 Reserve Grand Final Sun 11:30:00 UHS-VU YARRA VALLEY Vermont Reserve
Division 4 Grand Final Sat 2:00:00 MONASH GRYPHONS MT LILYDALE Vermont Reserve
Division 4 Reserve Grand Final Sat 11:30:00 MONASH GRYPHONS SWINBURNE UNI Vermont Reserve
U19 Premier Preliminary Sat 11:20:00 OLD SCOTCH OLD XAVERIANS Trevor Barker Oval
U19 South (1) Grand Final SAT 2:00:00 OLD BRIGHTON CAULFIELD GRAMMARIANS Boss James Reserve
U19 South (2) Grand Final Sat 2:00:00 OAKLEIGH MAZENOD Trevor Barker Oval
U19 North (1) Grand Final Sat 9:15:00 FITZROY WERRIBEE St Bernards College
U19 North (2) Grand Final Sun 2:00:00 THERRY PENOLA OLD IVANHOE Visy Park
U18 Division 1 Grand Final Sun 11:30:00 RUPERTSWOOD OAKLEIGH Visy Park
U18 Division 2 Grand Final Sun 9:30:00 UHS-VU FLEMINGTON ST BERNARD’S Highgate Reserve

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