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The VAFA has the best umpiring structure of any football competition in Australia.
Through a combination of facilities, coaching and administration, along with the support of both the VAFA Board and the Umpires’ Association, we provide an environment in which each and every umpire can flourish and feel welcome.
VAFA Umpires Association members take their leadership skills and expertise onto the football field to ensure Amateur football is played in a safe and fair manner highlighting the VAFA’s mission of playing within the “Spirit of the Game”.
Umpiring within the VAFA provides an opportunity for excellent remuneration along with developing life skills such as team work, discipline and camaraderie in a positive and supportive sporting environment. Our excellent coaches provide guidance to ensure that our umpires reach their potential both on and off the field.
Umpiring is a very rewarding experience and there is no better place to be the man or woman in white than in the VAFA.
We have plenty of opportunities for the upcoming season for FIELD, BOUNDARY and GOAL UMPIRES.
Get to it. Contact Brian Goodman 0408 338 098 or [email protected]

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