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Between his first start as a 2yo and his retirement as a 6yo, the great Tommy Smith-trained Tulloch won over every distance up to 3200 metres.
Bulleen Templestowe’s retired 300 game veteran Dean Tulloch, who is looking at his fortieth birthday, will in June run a little further than his namesake ever did. This Tulloch will take on one of the toughest runs on the planet – a 250km Ultramarathon through the Gobi Desert, China, taking him through one of the driest and hottest places on the planet.
Dean is raising money for the MDDA (Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association). Dean’s little mate Charlie Cooper (12 months old) has PKU (phenylketonuria). This means he cannot process protein and is on a life managed diet – every meal, every ingredient, every time – is carefully measured.
Combined with weekly blood tests to monitor blood levels, it is difficult for families to get it right. Get it wrong and it can lead to problems with brain development.
You can help Dean. Go to www.rundeanorun.com